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 Financial Considerations


The SDIC is well aware that financial support of the Union through subscriptions by NAOs is likely to expand, at most, by amounts to cover inflationary increases. Our recommendations are aimed at improving the setting of priorities and the management of activities to ensure cost-effective operations of the Union's programs. The Strategic Plan should be viewed as providing a rational approach to dealing with the many aspects of chemistry to which IUPAC can and does contribute, rather than a call to undertake large, new programs. The significant changes recommended in the organization and management of activities within the Divisions will be accomplished within the current budgetary framework.

The large savings that will result from removing support of regular meetings of Commissions will be redistributed, largely to support specific projects, with some funds used to solicit advice and plan projects and others perhaps needed for improved management. The SDIC recommends that the Treasurer and Finance Committee analyze the budgetary implications of the SDIC's recommendations and propose to the Bureau a plan for redistributing projected savings in future General Assembly budgets beginning with the 2002-2003 biennium. Provision should be made to provide adequate funds to each Division, while retaining a central pool of funds that can be awarded competitively for interdivisional projects or for projects beyond the scope of an individual Division's resources.

Currently TMs are distributed from a central pool for approved "pool projects," with financial support related only to the number of TMs. Under the new policy, the central pool will consist of money, rather than TMs. If these funds are to be used effectively, there must be a mechanism for preparing and reviewing applications and for making decisions in a manner that fully utilizes the scientific expertise of the Division Officers but permits decisions to be made by an impartial body. After consultation with Division Presidents, the IUPAC Officers should propose to the Bureau a mechanism for reviewing applications for project funding and allocation of resources. Guidelines should also be developed for securing outside funding to prevent apparent conflicts of interest and to maintain the Union's independent character.

Executive Summary
Formation of the SDIC
Strategic Plan
Organization and Management of Scientific Work
Responsibilities of Division Committees
Election of Division Committees and Division Officers
Project-Driven System
Conversion to a New Project-Driven System
Operation of a Project-Driven System
Evaluation of Projects
Role of the Secretariat
Financial Considerations
Summary of Recommendations on Organization and Management
Summary of Formal Actions Required
Concluding Statement
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
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