I  U  P  A  C

 Appendix 1: Membership of the SDIC

   IUPAC Position
Prof. Joshua Jortner (Chairman)
Tel Aviv University
Vice-President, 1996-97
President, 1998-99
Dr. Edwin D. Becker
National Institutes of Health
Secretary General, 1996-99
Prof. Heindirk tom Dieck
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
Prof. Mostafa El-Sayed
Georgia Institute of Technology
Prof. Robert Gilbert
University of Sydney
Macromolecular Division:
Vice-President, 1996-97
President, 1998-99
Dr. Alan Hayes
ICI (Retired)
Chairman, CHEMRAWN Committee, 1996-97
Vice-President, 1998-99
Prof. Upendra K. Pandit
University of Amsterdam
Organic Chemistry Division:
Vice-President, 1996-97
President, 1998-99
Prof. Pieter Steyn
University of Potchefstroom
South Africa
Elected Member of Bureau, 1996-99
Prof. Leiv K. Sydnes
University of Bergen

Elected Member of Bureau, 1994-2001

Prof. Andrea Vasella
Dr. John W. Jost (staff support)
IUPAC Secretariat
Executive Director

Executive Summary
Formation of the SDIC
Strategic Plan
Organization and Management of Scientific Work
Responsibilities of Division Committees
Election of Division Committees and Division Officers
Project-Driven System
Conversion to a New Project-Driven System
Operation of a Project-Driven System
Evaluation of Projects
Role of the Secretariat
Financial Considerations
Summary of Recommendations on Organization and Management
Summary of Formal Actions Required
Concluding Statement
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4


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