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 Summary of Recommendations on Organization and Management of Scientific Activities



The SDIC recommends an integrated program, with a defined timeframe, to convert from the present Division/Commission structure to one that is more dynamic and under which approved projects will be carried out by short-term Task Groups that report directly to the Division Committees. Principal features of this proposal are as follows:

A. Division Committee

1. The Division Committee is to become the focus of scientific work in the Division and has the overall responsibility itself for initiating, developing and managing the work of the Division. The Committee should solicit ideas for projects from NAOs, national chemical societies, regional federations, international specialty societies (primarily IUPAC Associated Organizations), IUPAC Fellows, and participants at relevant IUPAC symposia and other meetings.

2. Division Committees, with the active assistance of the Secretariat, must be able to identify suitable individuals with requisite expertise to carry out projects. Overall, but not necessarily for each project, individuals will be recruited worldwide.

3. The Bureau will develop a system for prospective and retrospective evaluation of projects, with general criteria to guide reviewers.

4. In order to strengthen the role and mandate of Division Committees, the Bureau will establish uniform nomination policies and procedures for the Members and Officers of all Division Committees, to govern the 1999 election process. These procedures will include the following points:

a) Each Division President will appoint a nominating committee of five members, consisting of no more than two Members of the Division Committee and three others chosen for breadth, with the overall membership approved by the Executive Committee.

b) Each Division will insure that the nomination of candidates for Division Officers is conducted in a thoughtful way, with adequate consultation within the Committee and with the President of IUPAC.

c) The Bureau will give Divisions authority to suspend the application of all Division Rules that are in conflict with the Bylaws or with the new policy enunciated by the Bureau. Within existing Statutes and Bylaws, the Bureau will provide maximum flexibility to Divisions in adjusting the size and composition of the Division Committee and Commissions.

5. The Bureau will establish a policy for appointment of National Representatives to Division Committees and for their participation in the work of the Divisions.

6. The Bureau and Executive Committee will give special attention to the application of the above recommendations within the current Sectional structure of the Division of Chemistry and Human Health.

B. Commissions

7. The Bureau will endorse the termination of all existing Commissions by the end of 2001 and recommend that Council take this action at the General Assembly in 1999. Any new Commissions formed must strictly adhere to the requirements of Bylaw 4.301 and have a definite termination date.

8. The Divisions will be encouraged to accelerate the timetable given above for reduction in Commission size and reallocation of financial resources to support of specific projects. The Treasurer and the Bureau will provide the maximum flexibility in allocation of money and Titular Members.

C. Secretariat

9. The Secretariat will provide professional staff assistance to Division Committees and Task Groups to facilitate the development, conduct and management of projects and the recruitment of individuals for Task Groups.

D. Funding

10. The Bureau will approve a policy of providing IUPAC funds for support of approved projects and other specific activities, not support of Titular Members per se. The Bureau will endorse suitable amendment of Bylaw 4.307.

11. The recommended changes are to be implemented within existing budget levels provided by NAO subscriptions (adjusted only for inflation). The large savings that will result from removing support of routine meetings of Commissions will be redistributed among scientific programs to fund specific projects and to finance necessary meetings of reconstituted Commissions and other planning and advisory groups.

12. Budgets will be adjusted to provide adequate funds to each Division and to retain a central pool of funds that can be awarded competitively for interdivisional projects or for projects beyond the scope of an individual Division's resources. The Bureau will establish mechanisms for reviewing applications for project funding and allocation of resources, both within Divisions and centrally.

Executive Summary
Formation of the SDIC
Strategic Plan
Organization and Management of Scientific Work
Responsibilities of Division Committees
Election of Division Committees and Division Officers
Project-Driven System
Conversion to a New Project-Driven System
Operation of a Project-Driven System
Evaluation of Projects
Role of the Secretariat
Financial Considerations
Summary of Recommendations on Organization and Management
Summary of Formal Actions Required
Concluding Statement
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4


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