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 Conversion to a New Project-Driven System

The SDIC recommends that the Bureau approve and implement a policy of relying on short-term Task Groups to carry out specific projects under the direction of Division Committees. A limited number of long-term Commissions could be formed to advise each Division Committee and augment its breadth of expertise. Three concurrent actions are required, as follows:

1. In September, 1998, the Bureau should approve a policy of providing IUPAC funds for support of approved projects and other specific activities, not support of Titular Members per se. The Bureau should endorse repeal or amendment of Bylaw 4.307, and Council should be asked to take this action in 1999, to be effective January 1, 2002.

2. In September 1998, the Bureau should endorse the phasing out of all existing Commissions by the end of 2001 and to recommend that Council take this action at the General Assembly in 1999. The Bureau should indicate that it will be receptive to very well justified proposals from Divisions to form a small number of new long-term Commissions, each with a termination date of no more than ten years, to carry out activities that require such a long-term commitment.

3. The Divisions should be encouraged by the Bureau to accelerate the timetable in (1) and (2) to the extent feasible. Since all appointments to Commissions are now made for a two-year period, it may be desirable for a Division, on a case by case basis, to reduce the size of particular Commissions and to divert the financial resources to support of specific projects. The Treasurer should be asked to cooperate with Divisions in redirecting financial resources, including funds reserved for the General Assembly, away from support of TMs per se toward support of individuals working on projects. Beginning in 2002, major changes in Division budgets will occur, as described in a later section.

Executive Summary
Formation of the SDIC
Strategic Plan
Organization and Management of Scientific Work
Responsibilities of Division Committees
Election of Division Committees and Division Officers
Project-Driven System
Conversion to a New Project-Driven System
Operation of a Project-Driven System
Evaluation of Projects
Role of the Secretariat
Financial Considerations
Summary of Recommendations on Organization and Management
Summary of Formal Actions Required
Concluding Statement
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
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