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Standing Committees

Standing Committees advise the President and the Executive Committee. They coordinate the work of the Union in various areas of Chemistry. Each Committee page includes

  • Name and Contact information for the Chairman and Secretary
  • Description of activities, or "Terms of Reference"
  • Complete list of Members

Click here for a direct access to the names of Committee officers and lists of members


CHEMRAWN Committee
CHEMRAWN, CHEMical Research Applied to World Needs, dates from 1973. The major activity of the Committee is the organization of the CHEMRAWN series of conferences.

CCE, Committee on Chemistry Education
This Committee attempts to coordinate the educational interests of IUPAC bodies with activities throughout the world.

COCI, Committee On Chemistry and Industry
This Committee is the Union's link with the IUPAC Company Associates and the industrial community.


FC, Finance Committee
This Committee advises Union Officers on the sound management of Union finances and investments.

CPEP, Committee on Printed and Electronic Publications
All aspects of the design and implementation of printed and electronic publications are managed by this Committee.

ICTNS, Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols
This is a core activity in the area in which IUPAC is recognized as the world authority on chemical nomenclature, terminology, standardized methods for measurements, atomic weights, etc.

PC, Project Committee

EvC, Evaluation Committee


Other Groups:

IUPAC Representatives On Other Organizations

Pure and Applied Chemistry Editorial Advisory Board


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