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The following links provide information on or access to:

> Guidelines for IUPAC Projects, IUPAC Handbook
> FAQs on Project submission and approval process
> Project Submission Form and Guidelines for Completion (rev Feb. 2002)

> Advice for Project Reviewers (rev Jan. 2003)
> Project Review Procedure (rev Jan. 2003)

> Information for Task Group Chairmen (rev May 2002)

Background information:

In moving to a project-driven system, IUPAC expects to:
  • revitalize its scientific activities,
  • ensure the selection of only high quality projects to bear the IUPAC label,
  • encourage participation by the worldwide chemistry community,
  • optimize the use of IUPAC's limited financial resources, and
  • simplify management and accountability.

> Think IUPAC Project, by E.D. Becker - Chem. Int. 23(1) 2001
Changes in the Organization and Management of the Union's Scientific Work, News & Notice ( 19 Oct. 98)
Report of the Strategy Development and Implementation Committee, News & Notice (April 98)
> Procedure for Publications of IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations, IUPAC Handbook


Relevant Committees:

Project Committee
Evaluation Committee

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