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 Responsibilities of Division Committees


One key element of the SDIC proposal is the consolidation within the Division Committees of the responsibility for organization and management of both continuing programs (such as symposia) and short-term projects. These Committees and their Officers will provide the scientific leadership of the Union. They must be carefully chosen to ensure that each Committee has the necessary vision, breadth and expertise to seek out promising areas for IUPAC involvement, to select the highest quality proposals and to manage the implementation of projects.

Bylaw 4.1 (see Appendix 4) describes the role of Division Committees in some detail, largely in terms of structure and process (membership and size, elections, limitations of authority, reports, Committee meetings, etc.). The functions of the Division Committee emphasize its administrative role in forming and dissolving Commissions and as an intermediary between Commissions and the Bureau. However, the Bylaws provide broad (if somewhat nebulous) authority to the Division Committee "to plan and organize scientific meetings and other activities ..." and "to prepare a budget for the Division ..." The SDIC proposes that the Bureau promulgate a policy that builds on the statutory framework and makes it clear that the Division Committee is to be the focus of scientific work in the Division and has the overall responsibility itself for initiating, developing and managing the work of the Division.

As described below, the Division Committee will be expected to select scientific Task Groups to carry out individual projects and may appoint advisory groups as needed. Although the proposed policy is formulated in terms of each Division Committee individually, the SDIC believes that interdisciplinary activities will be of increasing importance; hence, each Division Committee must be charged with making positive efforts to initiate interdisciplinary projects and to work collegially with other Division Committees to provide effective development and management of such projects.

Executive Summary
Formation of the SDIC
Strategic Plan
Organization and Management of Scientific Work
Responsibilities of Division Committees
Election of Division Committees and Division Officers
Project-Driven System
Conversion to a New Project-Driven System
Operation of a Project-Driven System
Evaluation of Projects
Role of the Secretariat
Financial Considerations
Summary of Recommendations on Organization and Management
Summary of Formal Actions Required
Concluding Statement
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4


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