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81st Bureau - 43rd Council - 82nd Bureau
Beijing, China, 17-18, 20-21, and 21 August

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There were 411 registered participants at the IUPAC General Assembly. Of that number, 300 were members of IUPAC bodies, 27 were invited Observers, and 98 were Council Delegates. The individual totals are greater than the overall total because a number of Delegates were also Members of IUPAC bodies. A summary of the actions taken by the Council and Bureau follows, including the results of the elections for IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members.

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> Wrap-up of the General Assembly published in Nov 2005 Chem. Int.

    1. The results of the election for IUPAC Vice President for the biennium 2006-7 by Council on 21 August 2005 were as follows:
      > View nominations (posted 20 June 05)

      Prof. S. Chandrasekaran (India) 8
      Prof. K. Matsumoto (Japan) 78
      Prof. N. Moreau (France) 42

      Prof. Kazuko Matsumoto therefore will be IUPAC Vice President and President elect for 2006-7.

    2. The results of the election for Members of the Bureau for the term 2006-9 by Council 21 August 2005 were as follows:
      > View nominations (posted 20 June 05)

      Prof. C. Bai (China) 109
      Prof. D. Berek (Slovakia) 44
      Prof. P. De Bièvre (Belgium) 71
      Prof. S. Chandrasekaran (India) 98
      Prof. A. Mahmood (Bangladesh) 37
      Prof. S. Penczek (Poland) 74
      Dr. E. Reichmanis (USA) 105
      Prof. I. Schopov (Bulgaria) 14
      Dr. A. Smith (UK) 95
      Prof. M. van Dam-Mieras (The Netherlands) 103

      The following were therefore elected as Members of the Bureau for 2006-9:
      Prof. Chunli Bai , Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, Prof. Stanislaw Penczek, Dr. Elsa Reichmanis, Dr. Alan Smith, Prof. Maria van Dam-Mieras.

    3. The following Elected Members of the Bureau were elected to the Executive Committee by the Bureau on 21 August 2005:
      Prof. Chunli Bai, Prof. Nicole Moreau, and Prof. Oleg Nefedov.

    4. The Election of the following officers of Division Committees was approved by Council:
      · Physical and Biophysical Chemistry (Division I): Christopher M. A. Brett (Portugal)
      · Inorganic Chemistry (II): Anthony R. West (UK)
      · Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (III): Minoru Isobe (Japan)
      · Polymer (IV): Jung-Il Jin (Korea)
      · Analytical Chemistry (V): Ryszard Lobinski (France)
      · Chemistry and the Environment (VI): Kenneth D. Racke (United States)
      · Chemistry and Human Health (VII): Paul W. Erhardt (United States)
      · Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation (VIII): Gerard P. Moss (United Kingdom)

      Vice President
      · Division I: Michel J. Rossi (Switzerland)
      · Division II: Kazuyuki Tatsumi (Japan)
      · Division III: Vadim T. Ivanov (Russia)
      · Division IV: Christopher K. Ober (USA)
      · Division V: Ales Fajgelj (Slovenia)
      · Division VI: none
      · Division VII: Pedro Soares de Araujo (Brazil)
      · Division VIII: none

      · Division I: Ruth M. Lynden-Bell (UK)
      · Division II: Leonard Interrante (USA)
      · Division III: Gerrit J. Koomen (Netherlands)
      · Division IV: William J. Work (USA)
      · Division V: Roger M. Smith (UK)
      · Division VI: Willie J. G. M. Peijnenburg (Netherlands)
      · Division VII: Mukund S. Chorgade (USA)
      · Division VIII: Warren H. Powell (USA)

    5. The following motion was considered by Council and was not passed:
      Council authorizes the President to appoint a small working party, under the chairmanship of the Secretary General, to draft the revised Statutes and Bylaws necessary to implement the replacement of the Bureau and Executive Committee with an Executive Board. A final decision on whether to accept the revised Statutes and Bylaws and to create an Executive Board would then be made at the next Council meeting at Torino in 2007.

      The Vice President announced the intention to create an ad hoc committee to revise the Bylaws and a second ad hoc committee to examine ways to improve the operational efficiency of IUPAC governance.

    6. Council approved the appointment of Batchelor, Tillery & Roberts, LLP, of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA as IUPAC Auditors for 2005 and 2006.

    7. Council approved the Budget for 2006-7, including an increase in the total National Subscriptions of 1 %.

    8. Council approved the suspension of NAO status for those NAOs who have not paid their 2003 and earlier National Subscriptions by 31 December 2005 until such time as the 2003 and earlier National Subscriptions are paid. As of 21 August 2005, this action would apply to the National Adhering Organizations for Argentina and Chile.

    9. Council approved National Adhering Organization status for the following organizations:
      - The Caribbean Academy of Sciences - Jamaica Chapter;
      - The Jordanian Chemical Society;
      - The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
      - The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

    10. Council approved new Division Rules for Divisions I, II, III, and VIII.
      [see rules from Council Agenda item 18]

    11. Council approved the Standing Order and Membership of the Editorial Advisory Board of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

    12. Council approved the proposal from the Royal Society of Chemistry to hold the 2009 Congress and General Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland. The planned dates are 1-9 August for the General Assembly and 2-7 August for the Congress.

    13. The Bureau proposed and the Council approved a motion that the official language of IUPAC continue to be English.

    14. Council approved the continuation of Commission I.1: Commission on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology, and Units and Commission II.1: Commission on Isotopic Abundance and Atomic Weights.

    15. The Bureau proposed and the Council approved a motion to set a time limit for ANAO status of four years, effective 1 January 2006.

    16. The Bureau proposed and the Council approved a motion to increase the annual ANAO membership fee from the current value of USD 50 to USD 250, effective 1 January 2006.

    17. The Bureau accepted an invitation to hold the Bureau meeting on 5-8 October 2006 in Madrid.


For convenience, a complete list of the members of the IUPAC Bureau for 2006-7 is given below.

· Prof. Bryan R. Henry, President (Canada)
· Prof. Leiv K. Sydnes, Past President (Norway)
· Prof. Kazuko Matsumoto, Vice President and President Elect (Japan)
· Prof. David StC. Black, Secretary General (Australia)
· Dr. Christoph F. Buxtorf, Treasurer (Switzerland)

Elected Members:
· Prof. Chunli Bai (China)
· Prof. S. Chandrasekaran (India)
· Prof. Anders Kallner (Sweden)
· Prof. Werner Klein (Germany)
· Prof. Nicole J. Moreau (France)
· Prof. Oleg M. Nefedov (Russia)
· Prof. Stanislaw Penczek (Poland)
· Dr. Elsa Reichmanis (United States)
· Dr. Alan Smith (United Kingdom)
· Prof. Maria C.E. van Dam-Mieras (Netherlands)

Division Presidents:
· Prof. Christopher M. A. Brett (Portugal)
· Prof. Anthony R. West (UK)
· Prof. Minoru Isobe (Japan)
· Prof. Jung-Il Jin (Korea)
· Prof. Ryszard Lobinski (France)
· Dr. Kenneth D. Racke (United States)
· Prof. Paul W. Erhardt (United States)
· Prof. Gerard P. Moss (United Kingdom)

Operational Standing Committee Chairmen:
· Dr. John M. Malin, CHEMRAWN (United States)
· Prof. Peter G. Mahaffy, CCE (Canada)
· Dr. Mark C. Cesa, COCI (United States)

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