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43rd IUPAC Council Meeting

Nominee for Bureau

Maria C.E. (Rietje) van Dam-Mieras (The Netherlands)

Maria van Dam-Mieras

Since 1993, Professor Maria C.E. van Dam-Mieras has been chair of Natural Sciences at the Open University of The Netherlands in Heerlen. In this position and other leadership roles, her activities have involved higher education in sustainability and globalization, chemistry curriculum in secondary education, biotechnology, environmental science, and knowledge transfer.

Education and Career
Prof. van Dam-Mieras studied biochemistry and inorganic chemistry at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands and received her Ph.D. from the same university in 1976. She started her academic career at the Limburg University in Maastricht, where her research was focused on blood coagulation and vascular pathology.

In 1983 she joined the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the newly founded Open University of The Netherlands in Heerlen, where she developed course materials in biotechnology, pollution prevention, and sustainable development. Also she was involved in several research programs of the European Union (COMETT, TEMPUS, PHARE, and SOCRATES). In 1992 she was appointed to the chair of Natural Sciences at the Open University.

In 1996, van Dam-Mieras became rector of the Open University. In 1997, she was appointed chair of the Copernicus Task Group of the European Association of University Rectors. The work of the Task Group led to the formation of “Copernicus-campus,” a network of European Universities dealing with the role of higher education in sustainability and globalization. From 1995-2001 she was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the “Deutsches Institut für Fernstudien Forschung” at the University of Tübingen in Germany. In 2000, she became a member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Environmental Science of the University of Antwerp in Belgium, and since 2003, she has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Lüneburg University in Germany.

IUPAC Involvement
Prof. van Dam-Mieras is a member of the joint ad-hoc Committee for IUPAC of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. Since 2003, she has been a board member of the KNCV and was previously president elect, president, and immediate past president.

Related Professional Activities
From 1998 until 2003 van Dam-Mieras was a member of the national “Scientific Advisory Council for Government Policy” in The Netherlands. Since 1997 she has been a member of the Board of Commissioners of the “Akzo Nobel Nederland” concern. In 2000 she joined the Board of Trustees of the Dutch organization TNO (Applied Scientific Research) and since 2001 has held a position on the societal advisory board of the Division on Chemical Sciences of the organization NWO (Netherlands Scientific Research). In 1995 she was a member of the working group that developed the outline for the new natural sciences program in Dutch Secondary Education, and since 2002, has been a member of the working group developing the outline for a new chemistry curriculum in secondary education. Since 2003, she has been chairperson of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Science Centres.


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