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43rd IUPAC Council Meeting

Nominee for Vice President
and Member of the Bureau

Kazuko Matsumoto (Japan)

Kazuko Matsumoto

Professor Kazuko Matsumoto’s research involves metal coordination chemistry and bioanalytical chemistry using metal complexes. She started her career as an inorganic chemist and has been expanding her expertise in designing and synthesizing new functional metal complexes such as fluorescent lanthanide labels for time-resolved detection in bioanalysis, and catalysis and electrical and magnetic properties of nanowire metal complexes of metal-metal bonds.

Education and Career
Matsumoto received her B.S. in 1972 and Ph.D. in 1977, both from the University of Tokyo. She started her academic career in 1977 as a research associate working with Prof. Keiichiro Fuwa at the University of Tokyo, and then moved to Waseda University as an associate professor in 1984. She was promoted to a full professor at Waseda University in 1989, and has served there ever since. During these years, she spent two years (1991–1992) at the Institute for Molecular Science (Japan) as an adjunct professor, and spent half a year (1993) with Prof. Steve Lippard at MIT as a visiting professor. In addition, she visited and gave lectures at major Japanese and foreign universities (Bari, Florence, Dortmund, Leiden, Bazel, California Institute of Technology, Stanford) as a visiting professor. She also has given invited lectures at many internationally renowned academic meetings. (She will be a lecturer at the IUPAC Congress in Beijing in August 2005.) She has published more than 200 scientific papers in analytical and inorganic chemistry and holds 40 patents.

IUPAC Involvement
Matsumoto has been a titular member on the Analytical Chemistry Division (2002–2005) and is preparing a project on the definition of concentrations of biomolecules. In Japan, she is a member of the chemistry division of the Science Council of Japan, which is the corresponding organization for IUPAC in Japan.

Related Professional Activities
Matsumoto is a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan, and is also a member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy, cabinet office. For more than 10 years, she has served on the advisory board of major scientific journals including the Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan and the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. She also served as the vice president of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (2001) and is now the chairperson of the international relations committee of the Chemical Society of Japan. She has worked as the national representative in FACS (the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies) and organized the EurAsia conference (an international conference between Asia and Europe) in Asia.

Matsumoto has earned honors for her outstanding contributions to chemistry, which include the Award for Promotion of Young Researchers from the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (1984), the Division Award from the Chemical Society of Japan (1989), and the Ichimura Award (2000).


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