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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 2
March 2002



The Bureau International des Poids et Mesures: Establishing Standards in the Physical Sciences
p. 4 >

The Synthesis and Naming of Elements 110 and Beyond
p. 7 > ...

Reliable Solubility Data in the Age of Computerized Chemistry: Why, How, and When?
p.10 >
>p.10 >

Young Chemists Travel Far with Canadian National Committee Awards
p. 12 >

Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation
p. 14 > references

Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry
p. 14 > koppenol_310302.html
p.14 >
p.15 > Z_greater_than_110.html

SCOPE/IUPAC International Symposium on Endocrine Active Substances
p. 16 >

Generic Source-Based Nomenclature for Polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2001)
p. 17 >

Quantum Chemical B3LYP/cc-pvqz
Computation of Ground-State Structures and Properties of Small Molecules with Atoms of Z £ 18 (Hydrogen to Argon) (IUPAC Technical Report)
p. 17 >

Standards in Isothermal Microcalorimetry (IUPAC Technical Report)
p. 17 >

Critical Evaluation of Stability Constants of Phosphonic Acids (IUPAC Technical Report)
p. 18 >

Quantities, Terminology, and Symbols in Photothermal and Related Spectroscopies
p. 19 >

The Naming of New Elements
p. 19 >

The Biogeochemistry of Iron in Seawater
p. 20 > books/author/turner.html

Polymerization Processes and Polymer Materials, Volumes I and II
p. 20 > 2001/174_preface.html

Characterization of Compounds in Solution: Theory and Practice
p. 20 >

CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
p. 21 >

New Books from the World Health Organization
p. 21 >

New Books from the American Oil Chemists' Society Press
p. 21 >

Medicinal Chemistry
p. 22 >

Analytical Sciences
p. 22 > pac/2001/7310/index.html

CAS/IUPAC Conference on Chemical Identifiers and XML for Chemistry
p. 23 >

Central European Conference on "Chemistry Towards Biology"
p. 23 >

The Ninth International Conference on Flow Analysis
p. 24 >

Conference Announcements in Brief
p. 24 > more links

Conference Calendar of IUPAC-sponsored events
p. 25 >

Call for Nominations for the Pierre Crabbé-IOCD Prize
p. 28 > or




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