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 Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division (VIII)

Prof. G.P. Moss
(2006 - 2009)
Prof. R.M. Hartshorn
(2008 - 2011)
Vice President
Dr. T. Damhus
(2008 - 2009)

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The birth of the division
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Division's Aims

Current Projects

Recent Reports

Recent events
- 12-14 November 2003, XML in Chemistry and IUPAC Chemical Identifiers (report in CI Jul-Aug '04, p.25)
- 1 July 2002, CAS/IUPAC Conference on Chemical Identifiers and XML for Chemistry

Reports of Activities
> 2006-2007, by Prof. G.P. Moss (pdf file - 20KB)
> 2006, by Prof. G.P. Moss (pdf file - 11KB)
> 2004-2005, by Dr. A.D. McNaught (pdf file - 38KB) + Roundups from Beijing (CI Nov '05)
> 2004, by Dr. A.D. McNaught (pdf file - 21KB)
> 2002-2003, by Dr. A.D. McNaught (pdf file - 29KB)

Minutes of Meeting
> Prague, Czech Republic, 6-7 Sep 2006 [Full text - pdf 249KB]
> Beijing, China, 13-14 Aug 2005 [Full text - pdf 99KB]
> Ottawa, Canada, 9-10 Aug 2003 [Full text - pdf 350KB]
> Boston, MA, USA, 18 Aug 2002 [Full text - pdf 575KB]
> Cambridge, UK, 26 Jan 2002 [Full text - pdf 144KB]

The Division is responsible for maintaining and developing standard systems for designating chemical structures, including both conventional nomenclature and computer-based systems. This responsibility is to be fulfilled by:

    1. Identifying the needs of the user community.
    2. Generating projects arising from those needs.
    3. Identifying project leaders and task groups to carry out the work.
    4. Administering approved projects financially, monitoring their progress, and approving resulting recommendations for review by established IUPAC procedures.
    5. Identifying new sources of expertise and enabling their involvement in projects.
    6. As far as possible, ensuring that nomenclature systems projects and the resulting recommendations are compatible with each other, with established IUPAC recommendations, and with computer-based systems for manipulating chemical names and structures.

The Division has an Advisory Subcommittee of about 40 people, charged with advising the Division Committee on the needs of the community, and developing project proposals.

> ad hoc Committee on Chemical Identity and Nomenclature Systems
> ad hoc Committee on Chemical Nomenclature


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