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84th Bureau - 44th Council - 85th Bureau
Torino, Italy, 8-9, 11-12, and 12 August

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There were 440 participants at the IUPAC General Assembly in Torino, Italy. Of that number, 345 were members of IUPAC bodies, 32 were invited Observers, and 111 were Council Delegates from 43 National Adhering Organizations. The Round Tables Discussions attracted 67 participants, while the World Chemistry Leadership Meeting (WCLM) had 75. The individual totals are greater than the overall total because a number of Delegates were also Members of IUPAC bodies. A summary of the actions taken by the Council and Bureau follows, including the results of the elections for IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members.

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> Wrap-up of the General Assembly published in Nov 2007 Chem. Int.

    1. The results of the election for IUPAC President for the biennium 2008-9 by Council on 12 August 2007 were as follows:
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      Prof. Jung-Il Jin (Korea) 74
      Dr. Anders Kallner (Sweden) 28
      Prof. Nicole Moreau (France) 33
      Abstain 7

      Prof. Jin therefore will be IUPAC President for 2008-9.

    2. The results of the election for IUPAC Vice President for the biennium 2008-9 by Council on 12 August 2007 were as follows:

      Prof. Nicole Moreau (France) 123
      Against 7
      Abstain 12

      Prof. Moreau therefore will be IUPAC Vice President and President elect for 2008-9.

    3. The results of the election for IUPAC Secretary General for 2008-11 by Council on 12 August 2007 were as follows:

      Prof. David StC. Black (Australia) 133
      Against 2
      Abstain 7

      Prof. Black therefore will be IUPAC Secretary General for 2008-11.

    4. The results of the election for IUPAC Treasurer for 2008-11 by Council on 12 August 2007 were as follows:

      Prof. John Corish (Ireland) 132
      Against 2
      Abstain 8

      Prof. Corish therefore will be IUPAC Treasurer for 2008-11.

    5. The Bureau at its meting on 8 August approved a motion to set the number of Elected Members of the Bureau for 2008-9 at ten.

    6. The 6. The results of the election for Members of the Bureau for the term 2008-11 by Council 12 August 2007 were as follows (four positions vacant):

      Prof. Dusan Berek (Slovakia) 22
      Prof. Giuseppe Della Gatta (Italy) 12
      Prof. Vladyslav Goncharuk (Ukraine) 16
      Prof. Minoru Isobe (Japan) 68
      Prof. Anders Kallner (Sweden) 99
      Prof. Venceslav Kaucic (Slovenia) 63
      Prof. Werner Klein (Germany) 86
      Prof. Ram S. Lamba (Puerto Rico) 80
      Prof. Natalia Tarasova (Russia) 102

      The following were therefore elected as Members of the Bureau for 2008-11:
      Dr. Kallner, Prof. Klein, Prof. Lamba, and Prof. Tarasova.

    7. The following Elected Members of the Bureau were elected to the Executive Committee by the Bureau on 12 August 2007:
      Prof. C. Bai, Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, and Dr. E. Reichmanis.

    8. The Election of the following officers of Division Committees was approved by Council:

      · Physical and Biophysical Chemistry (Division I): Michel J. Rossi (Switzerland)
      · Inorganic Chemistry (II): Kazuyuki Tatsumi (Japan)
      · Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (III): Pietro Tundo (Italy)
      · Polymer (IV): Christopher K. Ober (USA))
      · Analytical Chemistry (V): Ales Fajgelj (Slovenia)
      · Chemistry and the Environment (VI): Nicola Senesi (Italy)
      · Chemistry and Human Health (VII): Douglas Templeton (Canada)
      · Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation (VIII): Gerard P. Moss (United Kingdom)

      Vice President
      · Division I: A. James McQuillan (New Zealand)
      · Division II: Robert Loss (Australia)
      · Division III: Gerrit J. Koomen (Netherlands)
      · Division IV: tba
      · Division V: Walter Lund (Norway)
      · Division VI: none for 2008-9
      · Division VII: tba
      · Division VIII: Richard Hartshorn (New Zealand)

      · Division I: Ruth M. Lynden-Bell (UK)
      · Division II: Leonard Interrante (USA)
      · Division III: Mary Garson (Australia)
      · Division IV: Michael Hess (Germany)
      · Division V: D. Brynn Hibbert (Australia)
      · Division VI: Willie J. G. M. Peijnenburg (Netherlands)
      · Division VII: Mukund S. Chorgade (USA)
      · Division VIII: Ture Damhus (Denmark)

    9. Council approved the appointment of Batchelor, Tillery & Roberts, LLP, of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA as IUPAC Auditors for 2005 and 2006.

    10. Council approved the Budget for 2008-9, including an increase in the total National Subscriptions of 3 % per annum.

    11. Council approved the suspension of NAO status for those NAOs who have not paid their 2005 and earlier National Subscriptions until such time as the 2005 and earlier National Subscriptions are paid. As of 12 August 2007, this action would apply to the National Adhering Organization for Brazil.

    12. Council approved the resignation of the Asociacion Quimica Argentina as the National Adhering Organization of Argentina, with the understanding that if the AQA reapplies for NAO status the total National Subscription currently owed,
      ARS 29 970.99, payable in USD at the then current exchange rate, must be paid before Council will consider such application.

    13. Council approved the application of the Asociacion Quimica Argentina for Associate National Adhering Organization status, to be effective when the annual fee of USD 250 is paid.

    14. Council approved the request to change the National Adhering Organization of Korea from the Korean Chemical Society to the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies.

    15. Council approved National Adhering Organization status for the following organizations:
      - Sociedad Cubana de Química
      - Chemical Society of Ethiopia
      - Programa de Desarrollo de Ciencias Básicas (Uruguay)

    16. Council approved the application of the Federación Latinoamericana de Asociaciones Químicas for Associated Organization status.

    17. Council considered proposals from the Colegio de Quimicos de Puerto Rico and the Turkish Chemical Society to hold the 2011 Congress and General Assembly. The results of the ballot were as follows:

      Colegio de Quimicos de Puerto Rico 78
      Turkish Chemical Society 59
      Abstain 5

      The planned dates are 30 July-5 August for the General Assembly and 2-7 August for the Congress.
      > Puerto Rico presentation (link added on 29 Aug 07)

    18. Council approved the continuation of
      - Commission I.1: Commission on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology and Units,
      - Commission II.1: Commission on Isotopic Abundance and Atomic Weights, and
      - IUBMB-IUPAC Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature.

    19. Council endorsed the plan to obtain United Nations approval of 2011 as an International Year of Chemistry. [more]

    20. Council approved the request of the Bureau that the Council delegate to the Bureau the authority to approve a proposed name for the element of atomic number 112, providing that there is no controversy after the Public Comment period.

    21. Council approved a proposed Press release by the Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights announcing the following changes in atomic weights and isotopic abundances:
      - nickel from 58.6934 +/- 0.0002 to 58.6934 +/- 0.0004
      - zinc from 65.409 +/- 0.004 to 65.38 +/- 0.02
      - molybdenum from 95.94 +/- 0.02 to 95.96 +/- 0.02
      - ytterbium from 173.04 +/- 0.03 to 173.054 +/- 0.005
      - lutetium from 174.967 +/- 0.001 to 174.9668 +/- 0.0001
      - isotope ratio 40Ar/36Ar changed from 296.03 +/- 0.53 to 298.56 +/- 0.31.


For convenience, a complete list of the members of the IUPAC Bureau for 2008-9 is given below.

· Prof. Jung-Il Jin,* President (Korea)
· Prof. Bryan R. Henry, Past President (Canada)
· Prof. Nicole Moreau, Vice President and President Elect (France)
· Prof. David StC. Black, Secretary General (Australia)
· Prof. John Corish, Treasurer (Ireland)

Elected Members:
· Prof. Chunli Bai (China)
· Prof. S. Chandrasekaran (India)
· Prof. Anders Kallner (Sweden)
· Prof. Werner Klein (Germany)
· Prof. Ram S. Lamba (Puerto Rico)
· Prof. Stanislaw Penczek (Poland)
· Dr. Elsa Reichmanis (United States)
· Dr. Alan Smith (United Kingdom)
· Prof. Natalia Tarasova (Russia)
· Prof. Maria C.E. van Dam-Mieras (Netherlands)

Division Presidents:
· Prof. Michel J. Rossi (Switzerland)
· Prof. Kazuyuki Tatsumi (Japan)
· Prof. Pietro Tundo (Italy)
· Prof. Christopher K. Ober (USA))
· Dr. Ales Fajgelj (Slovenia)
· Prof. Nicola Senesi (Italy)
· Prof. Douglas Templeton (Canada)
· Prof. Gerard P. Moss (United Kingdom)

Operational Standing Committee Chairmen:
· Prof. Leiv K. Sydnes, CHEMRAWN (Norway)
· Prof. Peter G. Mahaffy, CCE (Canada)
· Dr. Mark C. Cesa, COCI (United States)

* Executive Committee members are denoted in bold.

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