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Chemistry and the Environment
Division (VI)

DCE Newsletter
Issue No. 1 - March 2004



Membership: The full elected member ship of DCE and the three sub-committees is given on the website: www.iupac.org/divisions/VI/members.html
Please check that your details are correct, especially the email address which is our prime means of communication.

A special welcome to the two members who are new to IUPAC and DCE:
Laura McConnell (TM) obtained her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at University of South Carolina in 1992. She is currently at the Environmental Quality Laboratory of the USDA, Beltsville, MD. Her major research areas are: 1) Movement of agricultural pesticides from the point of application into surface waters and the atmosphere, with the ultimate goal of designing more sustainable farming systems that minimize toxic impacts on surrounding ecosystems. 2) Characterization of odorous chemical releases from agricultural operations, with the goal of developing new manure handling strategies to assist farmers in reducing negative air quality impacts on surrounding communities.
Melissa Fitzgerald (NR, Australia) obtained her Ph.D. at La Trobe University, Melbourne in 1997. She is currently at the Yanco Agricultural Institute, New South Wales undertaking research to increase the quality of Australian rice varieties through identifying and evaluating properties for different markets and understanding the synthesis of quality attributes from chemical, biochemical and genetic perspectives.

Next DCE Meeting: 15/16 May 2004, AOAC Headquarters, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Key agenda items will include:

    • Review and approval of new project proposals
    • Subcommittee operation and optimization
    • Confirmation of IOCD cooperation
    • Long-range strategy and objectives for the division
    • Planning for 2005 General Assembly in Beijing
    • Designation of new nominating committee

Phone conference, 20 February: Most of the committee joined this conference call chaired by the new Division President, Ken Racke. It was useful for introducing new members, reviewing projects and examining the budget for the new 2004/5 biennium. Some matters arising are covered below.

Ottawa General Assembly 9-17 August 2003: The minutes from the DCE meeting held at the GA meeting (and previous DCE committee meetings) are available on the IUPAC website: www.iupac.org/divisions/VI/index.html.

43rd IUPAC General Assembly and IUPAC 40th Congress "Innovation in Chemistry", 13-21 August 2005, Beijing, China. DCE will meet as part of the GA and is responsible for contributing a half-day symposium to the scientific program. For further information on the associated Congress see the website: www.iupac-congress05.org.cn


New Projects
Proposals for new projects are called for and will close on 7 May 2004 so that they can be reviewed at the Maryland meeting. Guidelines for projects and the proposal form are on the IUPAC website: www.iupac.org/general/handbook/guidelines_projects.html

Call for Project Proposals
Chemistry and the Environment Topics
For 2004 Funding Allocation
Deadline: 7 May 2004

Contact: DCE Secretary and DCE President


Current Projects

1999-009-1-600 - Pesticide residues in food - acute dietary exposure (Denis Hamilton). This recently completed project was focused on methodology for short-term or acute consumer dietary intake assessment for pesticides. This is an important topic as the consumption of a food on a single occasion can be very large compared with typical long-term or mean consumption and the food may have a much larger residue than average. In addition to a review and critique' of existing methods, the paper provides 11 specific recommendations for conduct of acute dietary intake assessments. It will be published as the lead article in the April issue of Pest Management Science (Volume 60, Issue 4).

International workshop "Pesticides: harmonisation of data requirements and evaluation" Seoul, Korea, October 13-15, 2003
More than 300 scientists, government regulators and industry leaders representing 28 countries gathered in Seoul, Korea to participate in this workshop co-sponsored by IUPAC and the Korean Society of Pesticide Science. Main program topics included "Pesticide Regulatory Harmonization," "Residue Behavior and Fate," and "Risk Assessment and Management." The program also included 12 IUPAC lecturers from the DCE Subcommittee on Crop Protection Chemistry, who highlighted the findings and recommendations of a number of recently concluded and ongoing IUPAC projects. Topics addressed at the workshop were diverse and included research reports on chemistry investigations, establishment of standards (food, water), toxicity characterization, risk assessment (dietary intake, occupational exposure, and ecological impacts), and pesticide evaluation schemes. A brief workshop report has been published in Chemistry International:

SCOPE/IUPAC International Symposium on Endocrine Active Substances, Yokohama, Japan, November 17-21 2002
This symposium was a major milestone in the project coordinated by DCE and led by the late Dr Junshi Miyamoto. The proceedings have appeared in special volume of PAC dedicated to Dr Miyamoto and containing the 52 presentations from the four main topics and 33 papers presented in the 6 associated workshops:
'Implications of Endocrine Active Substances for Humans and Wildlife - a SCOPE/IUPAC Project'. Pure and Applied Chemistry Vol.75, No.11/12, Nov/Dec 2003.

Forthcoming IUPAC-DCE Sponsored Conferences and Symposia

XIth International IUPAC Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins, Bethesda, Maryland 17-21 May 2004.
This meeting is immediately after the DCE committee meeting. Patrick Holland will be the DCE representative. For details see the website:

International Symposium "Environmental Significance of Mineral-Organic Component-Microorganism Interactions in Terrestrial Systems", Wuhan, China, September 20-23, 2004.
Nicola Senesi from DCE will be the official IUPAC representative.
> see calendar for ontact information

2nd International IUPAC Symposium on Trace Elements in Food, Brussels, Belgium, October 7-8, 2004.
Elke Anklam (DCE-TM) heads the organising committee. Topics covered include: Trace elements in the food chain; Bioavailability - toxicological and nutritional aspects; Fortified food and supplementation; Analysis of trace elements in food matrices. See the EC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements website: www.irmm.jrc.be

International Workshop "Fats, Oils and Oilseeds Analysis and Production" Tunis, Tunisia, 6-8 December 2004.
Richard Cantrill and Patrick Dysseler are the DCE representatives on the organizing committee. This workshop, as funded project 2002-011-2-600, continues a series supported by IUPAC, the last in Brasil in 2000. The analytical sessions will provide support for the oil refining/oil processing sessions. Tunisian oil experts will be included in the program. Announcements will be put on the AOCS website and forwarded to other supporting organizations with a preliminary circular available in April. It is intended to distribute at the workshop extended abstracts (short papers) and the speaker presentations on CD and in print form.

International Workshop "Crop protection chemistry in Latin America", San Jose, Costa Rica, February 14-17, 2005.
This workshop as funded project 2003-013-1-600 continues a series supported by IUPAC-DCE, the last in Korea in 2003 (see above). Major topics will include pesticide environmental fate and impacts, analysis and monitoring of residues, risk assessment, and regulation. The 1st Circular is on the workshop web site: www.iupac.org/symposia/2005/crop-protection-chemistry

9th Conference on Chemistry and the Environment, Bordeaux, 29 August - 1 September 2004.
In association with the 2nd SFC Meeting on Environmental Chemistry. Organised by FECS (Federation of European Chemical Societies). The program includes:
- Sampling and Analytical Strategies
- Bioaccumulation and Trophic Transfers
- Biotic and Abiotic Transformations
- Pollution , Prevention and Remediation/Green Chemistry
- Environmental Monitoring and Modelling
- Education in Environmental Chemistry.
See the website for further information: www.lptc.u-bordeaux.fr/DCE9

Dr Ken Racke, DCE President <[email protected]>
Dr Patrick Holland, DCE Secretary <[email protected]>

March, 2004.


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