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CHEMRAWN Committee

CHEMRAWN X : The Globalization of Chemical Education-Preparing Chemical Scientists and Engineers for Transnational Industries

Plans for discussions in Brisbane on July 3-4, 2001

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During the afternoon of July 3 - at the meeting of the CHEMRAWN committee and on July 4 at the joint meeting of the CHEMRAWN and COCI committees we will continue discussions of the issues that have been raised and discussed at the "mini-CHEMRAWNs" in Budapest, Washington, and Honolulu.

These issues include:

  • Industry expectations seem to differ country to country; are the differences real?
  • Can an education in one part of the world be used in another? (Issue for developing countries?)
  • Does graduate education need to be tailored for those going into industrial research?
  • How does industry make its needs known?
  • Can the time to a degree be "contained"?
  • How do universities instill the desire for continual learning?

Members of the CHEMRAWN, COCI, and CTC committees, plus others who may be interested, are invited to give a 10-15 minute presentation addressing one or more of these issues (or introducing a new related issue).

Background reading and abstracts of papers presented at the "mini-CHEMRAWNs" are now available:

> Budapest, 6 Aug 2000 (pdf file - 80KB)
> Washington DC, 22 Aug 22 2000 (pdf file - 77KB)
> Honolulu, 16 Dec 2000 (pdf file - 80KB)

Participants are also invited to be part of the Future Actions panel which will discuss perspectives and recommendations during the July 4 session. Please let the chairman of the CHEMRAWN committee ([email protected]) know of your intentions to make a presentation and/or be on the Future Actions panel.

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