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Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 62, No. 11, pp. 2167-2219, 1990



Glossary of atmospheric chemistry terms
(IUPAC Recommendations 1990)

Prepared for publication by J. Calvert

Synopsis: Over 620 atmospheric chemistry terms which are in common use by the international research community in the atmospheric sciences are defined. The diversified nature of the scientists involved in research in atmospheric chemistry (chemists, meteorologists, physicists, biologists, engineers, and others) requires that special attention be paid to the consistency of the terminology employed. Where alternative terms are in common use to describe a given process, piece of equipment, feature, or quantity used in atmospheric chemistry, recommended choices of the IUPAC Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry are given; these are consistent with the other IUPAC publications and recommendations on nomenclature. The range of terms includes composition of the atmosphere, clouds, solar radiation, chemical and physical changes in atmospheric components, instrumentation employed in analysis of the atmospheric components and in air quality control, and in effects of certain trace gases on materials, plants, and animals.

A current project of revising the document is being headed up by T. Cvitas > See Project 2003-030-1-600

> World Wide Web version <

Visitors to this page are invited to send comments to [email protected] with subject line "IUPAC Glossary".

*Membership of the Commission during the period 1986-1990 in which the report was prepared was as follows:

Chairman: 1985-1987 K. Leichnitz (FRG;); 1987-1990 J. G. Calvert (USA); Secretary: 1986-1987 C. J. Purnell (UK): 1987-1990 J. Slanina (Netherlands); Titular members: H. Akimoto (Japan; 1987-1990); S. A. Penkett (UK; 1987-1990); H. R. Pruppacher (FRG; 1986-1987); H. I. Schiff (Canada; 1986-1990); X. Tang (China; 1987-1990); P. Warneck (FRG; 1988-1990); Associate Members: N. M. Bazhin (USSR; 1987-1990): R. H. Brown (UK; 1987-1990); K. H. Eickel (FRG; 1989-1990); J. A. Kerr (Switzerland; 1986-1990); D. Klockow (FRG; 1987-1989); I. O'Neil (France; 1986-1989); M. Sauté (France; 1986-1989); P. Tevault (USA; 1987-1989); P. Warneck (FRG; 1986-1988); W. E. Wilson (USA; 1989-1990); National Representatives: R. A. Cox (UK; 1986-1990); K. H. Eickel (FRG; 1986-1989); H.-J. Grosse (GDR; 1986-1990); L. Klasinc (Yugoslavia; 1989-1990); Ø. Hov (Norway; 1986-1990); J.-E. O. Lindqvist (Sweden; 1986-1990); U. Özer (Turkey; 1986-1990); L. F. Phillips (New Zealand; 1986-1990); O. N. Singh (India; 1989-1990).

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