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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 64, No. 11 (1992)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 64, Issue 11

7th International Conference on Surface and Colloid Science

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

7th International Conference on Surface and Colloid Science, Compiegne, France, 7-13 July 1991

Plenary lectures

Long-ranged surface forces: The structure and dynamics of polymers at interfaces
J. Klein
p. 1577 [full text - pdf 659 kB]

Special features of water soluble polymers
P. G. de Gennes
p. 1585 [full text - pdf 237 kB]

Keynote lectures from Topical Symposia

Surfactancy and supramolecular self-assemblies (A1)

Lattice models of amphiphilic assembly
K. A. Dawson
p. 1589 [full text - pdf 1015 kB]

Direct measurement of interactions in supermolecular fluids and liquid crystals
P. Kekicheff and P. Richetti
p. 1603 [full text - pdf 605 kB]

Entropy-driven swelling of fluid-multimembrane assemblies with underlying colloidal interactions
E. Evans
p. 1611 [full text - pdf 368 kB]

Interfacial architecture in surfactant-water mixtures: Beyond spheres, cylinders and planes
S. T. Hyde
p. 1617 [full text - pdf 473 kB]

Self-assembly principles in molecular crystals
M. D. Ward
p. 1623 [full text - pdf 397 kB]

Assembly of Xe atoms in a NaA alpha cage: A Monte Carlo simulation
P. R. Van Tassel, C. Hall, H. T. Davis and A. V. McCormick
p. 1629 [full text - pdf 397 kB]

Characterization and modification of surfaces (A2)

Changes in surface topology of amorphous silicon oxide and mica after ion-milling
M. Radmacher, M. Fritz-Stephan and H. E. Gaub
p. 1635 [full text - pdf 2896 kB]

Recent advances in oxide film characterization
M. J. Graham
p. 1641 [full text - pdf 385 kB]

Wetting and adhesion (A3)

Molecular engineering of the polymer-metal bond
C. Boiziau
p. 1647 [full text - pdf 258 kB]

Chemical processes on solid surfaces (A4)

Catalysis by surfactant aggregates in aqueous solutions
J. B. F. N. Engberts
p. 1653 [full text - pdf 579 kB]

Nucleation phenomena (B1)

Homogeneous nucleation theory and experiment: A survey
J. L. Katz
p. 1661 [full text - pdf 437 kB]

Nucleation and crystallization in aqueous systems during drying: Theory and practice
F. Franks and N. Murase
p. 1667 [full text - pdf 399 kB]

The involvement of calcium phosphates in biological mineralization and demineralization processes
G. H. Nancollas
p. 1673 [full text - pdf 486 kB]

Aerosols (B2)

The science of ultrafine aerosols
O. Preining
p. 1679 [full text - pdf 402 kB]

Particle diagnosis in multiphase media
G. Gouesbet, B. Maheu and G. Grehan
p. 1685 [full text - pdf 350 kB]

Preparation and characterization of colloid particles (B3)

Theoretical aspects of developing latex particle morphology
Y.-C. Chen, V. Dimonie and M. S. El-Aasser
p. 1691 [full text - pdf 1904 kB]

Experimental methods of particle characterization
R. H. Ottewill
p. 1697 [full text - pdf 340 kB]

Monodispersed inorganic colloids: Achievements and problems
E. Matijevic
p. 1703 [full text - pdf 3353 kB]

Characteristics of inorganic colloids
J. D. F. Ramsay
p. 1709 [full text - pdf 288 kB]

Emulsions and suspensions (B4)

Control of stability/flocculation and rheology of concentrated suspensions
T. F. Tadros
p. 1715 [full text - pdf 410 kB]

Interfacial interactions and the stability of oil-in-water emulsions
E. Dickinson
p. 1721 [full text - pdf 310 kB]

Viscous interaction between surfaces: Studies by means of a capacitor ultradynamometer
V. V. Yaminsky, V. N. Steblin and E. D. Shchukin
p. 1725 [full text - pdf 324 kB]

Biosurfactants (C1)

Biosurfactants in industry
N. Kosaric
p. 1731 [full text - pdf 472 kB]

Integrated systems for biosurfactant synthesis
A. Fiechter
p. 1739 [full text - pdf 339 kB]

Pulmonary surfactant: Surface properties and function of alveolar and airway surfactant
S. Schurch, M. Lee and P. Gehr
p. 1745 [full text - pdf 1197 kB]

Food colloids (C2)

Food technology and nutrition: Challenges for colloid and interface science
P. Richmond
p. 1751 [full text - pdf 355 kB]

Biological macromolecules (C3)

Enzyme-microenvironment dynamic interactions in microstructured media
J. Chopineau, M. Ollivon, D. Thomas and M.-D. Legoy
p. 1757 [full text - pdf 562 kB]

Protein extraction using reversed micelles
R. Hilhorst, P. Fijneman, D. Heering, R. B. G. Wolbert, M. Dekker, K. vanít Riet and B. H. Bijsterbosch
p. 1765 [full text - pdf 414 kB]

pH artifacts in reverse micellar enzymology: A warning
P. Walde, Q. Mao, R. Bru, P. L. Luisi and R. Kuboi
p. 1771 [full text - pdf 398 kB]

Interactions between living systems and biomaterials (C4)

Adsorption of complex proteins at interfaces
J. D. Andrade, V. Hlady and A. P. Wei
p. 1777 [full text - pdf 386 kB]

Bioactive specific biomaterials: Present and future
J. Jozefonvicz and M. Jozefowicz
p. 1783 [full text - pdf 350 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Characterization of the cure of resins by differential scanning calorimetry (Technical Report)
Commission on Polymer Characterization and Properties
M. J. Richardson
p. 1789 [full text - pdf 795 kB]

Intrinsic characterization of continuous fibre thermoplastic composites-II. Pseudo-elastic constants for aromatic polymer composite (APC-2) (Technical Report)
Commission on Polymer Characterization and Properties
A. Cervenka, D. R. Moore and J. C. Seferis
p. 1801 [full text - pdf 510 kB]

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