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Number: 2006-018-2-400

Title: Infrared spectroscopy of conducting polymer nanotubes

Task Group
Miroslava Trchova

Members: M.M. Ayad, N.V. Blinova, H.J. Choi, G. Ciric-Marjanovic, R. Holze, J. Laska, T. Lindfors, P.M. Kilmartin, E.N. Konyushenko, P. Matejka, M. Omastova, S. Quillard, S. Reynaud, I. Sapurina, B. Schulz, I. Sedenkova, J. Stejskal, L. Terlemezyan, S. Torresi, J. Travas-Sejdic, J.L. Vazquez, E. Vlasova, and J. Vohlidal

Polyaniline, a conducting polymer, is prepared by the oxidation of aniline in acid media [1]. If the polymerization is carried out in solution of strong (sulfuric) acid, a granular morphology of polyaniline is obtained [2]. In weak acids (e.g., in acetic acid) or in water, polyaniline nanotubes are produced [3]. FTIR spectra of polyaniline bases prepared in strong and weak acids differ [3,4]. The aim of the project is to find the differences in molecular structure of polyanilines and to relate them to the formation of supramolecular nanotubular morphology.

[1] Stejskal, J.; Gilbert, R.G. Pure Appl. Chem. 2002, 74, 857.
[2] Stejskal, J.; Sapurina, I. Pure Appl. Chem. 2005, 77, 815.
[3] Konyushenko, E. N.; Stejskal, J.; Šedenková, I.; Trchová, M.; Sapurina, I.; Cieslar, M.; Prokeš, J. Polym. Int. 2006, 55, 31.
[4] Trchová, M.; Šedenková, I.; Konyushenko, E.N.; Stejskal, J.; Holler, P.; Ciric-Marjanovic, G. J. Phys. Chem. B 2006, 110, 9461.

(1) Polyaniline will be prepared in the solutions of strong and weak acids and in water (E.N. Konyushenko, Dr J. Stejskal, Prague). Polyanilines and the corresponding bases will be distributed to project participants.

(2) The participants will record FTIR spectra of 6 samples dispersed in FTIR pellets and will interpret the spectra. All of them have already agreed to participate.

(3) The results will be summarized by project coordinator (Dr M. Trchová), and submitted to all participants for discussion.

(4) Additional experimental work to be planned and done if the need be.

(5) The coordinator will prepare the Technical Report for the publication in the Pure and Applied Chemistry.



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