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Organic Chemistry Division (III)


Number: 302/2/96

Title: Chemistry for the Utilization and Preservation of Bioorganic Resources and Diversity

Coordinator(s): U.K. Pandit and T. Norin

Completion Date: 1998

It is recognized that the maintenance of biological diversity is a global concern and that many developing countries are major centres of biological material of medical and economic values. These considerations have led to the 'MANILA DECLARATION concerning the Ethical Utilization of Asian Biological Resources' adopted at the 7th Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants, Spices and other Natural Products held in Manila, February, 1992. IUPAC can play a highly significant role in the 'preservation of bioorganic resources and diversity' by directing international attention to the opportunities for harnessing the 'hidden chemistry' of bioresources. It can take an important lead in demonstrating the immense value of these materials based on the insight into the structure and properties of medicinal natural products and the basis of chemical processes (enzyme-catalyzed transformations) which operate within them. IUPAC can contribute to the understanding that these resources are indispensable to the future of mankind. The project envisions the organization of symposia or reviews which will highlight the role of chemistry in the important task of utilization and preservation of biologically and economically valuable resources and diversity, especially in developing countries.

Activities in connection with the project have been initiated in the form of the organization of an International Symposium on "Biodiversity and Bioresources-Conservation and Utilization", with the first meeting being held during 23-27 November 1997, in Phuket, Thailand. Further meetings are planned (at two year intervals) in Brazil (July 11 - 15, 1999), Turkey (2001) and Russia (2003). At the Phuket meeting, the Phuket Declaration concerning "The Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Biological Diversity" was adopted under auspices of the IUPAC. H.R.H. Princess Chulaborn Mahidol graced the meeting by presenting the opening keynote lecture of the Symposium.

> Continuation: Project 3/1/99

Last update: 27 August 1998

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