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News & Notices

Minutes of 134th Meeting of Executive Committee
Wellington, New Zealand, 24-25 March 2007

<download the 134th EC meeting minutes - pdf file 61KB>


1. Introductory Remarks and Finalization of Agenda
2. Minutes of 133rd Meeting of Executive Committee

2.1 Matters Arising from Minutes (Not Covered by Items on Agenda)

3. Action Items from Previous Meetings
4. Proposal for an "International Year of Chemistry"
5. Task Force to Improve Operational Efficiency

5.1 Task Force Report.
5.2 Reconsidering the General Assembly Schedule

6. Task Force to Revise Statutes and Bylaws
7. Ad Hoc Committee on the Website and Databases
8. Draft Agenda For Council Meeting at Torino
9. Plans for 44th General Assembly and 41st Congress, Torino

9.1 Logistics and Schedules
9.2 Arrangements for Bureau Meeting
9.3 Young Observers and Young Chemists
9.4 Round Table Discussions
9.5 World Chemistry Leadership Meeting

10. Plans for 45th General Assembly and 42nd Congress,
Glasgow 2009
11. Proposed Locations for 46th General Assembly and 43rd
12. Election and Appointment to Division and Standing
13. Applications for NAO Status
14. Projects: Summary of Current Status: Commitments,
Expenditures, and Projects Under Review
15. Finance Committee

15.1 Report from Finance Committee Meeting
15.2 Recommendation on Recovering Unexpended Project Funds
15.3 Statement of Accounts for 2006
15.4 Review of Budget for 2006-7
15.5 Proposed Budget for 2008-9
15.6 National Subscriptions and ANAO Fees
15.7 NAOs and ANAOs in Arrears

16. Discovery and Naming of New Elements

16.1 Joint IUPAC/IUPAP Working Group on the Discovery of Elements with Atomic Number 112 and Higher
16.2 Guidelines for IUPAC/IUPAP Validation Re New Elements

17. IUPAC Prize

17.1 2007 IUPAC Prize
17.2 Should Prize Winners be Required to Provide a Review for PAC?

18. Conferences and Symposia

18.1 Ratification of Sponsorship of Symposia
18.2 IUPAC Poster Prizes
18.3 Support for XVIII Mendeleev Congress

19. Fellows and Affiliate Membership Programs
20. Status Report on IUPAC Secretariat
21. CPEP-revised Standing Order
22. Publications

22.1 Status Report Chemistry International
22.2 Status Report Pure and Applied Chemistry
22.3 Book Publication and Book Sales

23. IUPAC Web Site and Publicity about The Union
24. Elected Members of the Bureau and NAO Recruiting
25. Dates and Place of Next Executive Committee Meeting
26. Any Other Business

26.1 Application for Support by the International Chemistry Olympiad
26.2 Report from FLAQ Meeting
26.3 Possible Support for National Subscription of African NAOs
26.4 ICSU Dues

27. Schedule of Officer Representation at Important
Scientific Meetings

Present: Prof. B. R. Henry (Chairman), Prof. C. Bai, Dr. C. F. Buxtorf, Prof. D. StC. Black, Prof. N. Moreau, Prof. L. K. Sydnes

Absent: Prof. O. M. Nefedov

Guest: Dr. F. Meyers

Secretary: Dr. J. W. Jost

<download the 134th EC meeting minutes - pdf file 61KB>


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