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 Inorganic Chemistry (II)

Minutes of the 7th Meeting of the
IUPAC Commission on Isotope Specific
Measurements as References (II.4)

Free University of Berlin (Germany) 10-11 August, 1999


  • Dr. Kensaku Okamoto (Chairman)
  • Prof. Paul de Bièvre
  • Dr. Helene Felber
  • Dr. Andree Lamberty
  • Dr. John R. Moody Prof. Mo-tian Zhao
  • Dr. Ülf Ornemark
  • Dr. Philip Taylor

Apologies for absence:

  • Dr. Robert Vocke
  • Prof. Klaus Heumann


The members were welcomed to the meeting by Prof. Okamoto. The minutes of the 6th meeting of the Commission in Geneva, Switzerland and the special meeting in Tsukuba, Japan were adopted as distributed. Chairman Okamoto then discussed the special meeting of the Inorganic Division Committee meeting in North Carolina. Taken in the context of proposed changes for the Union it was clear that Commission II.4 would have to make some changes in operations to adequately plan for the future after 2001.

The next item of business was that of membership for the Commission. Two members, Dr. Vocke of NIST and Dr. Taylor of IRMM have withdrawn for various reasons. The Secretary has agreed to stay for another two years leaving the TM positions full. Three new associate members were accepted for the Commission representing Korea, Sweden, and IRMM. The Secretary will distribute a revised mailing list to all members. The major item for discussion was the present status of the IMEPs (International Measurement Evaluation Programmes) in progress at the last meeting of the Commission. An item by item summary follows.

Review of the current rounds of the International Measurement Evaluation Programmes (IMEPs)

IMEP Round-7 Trace Elements in Human Serum
Nine elements were certified or assigned for the human serum IMEP. The participants programme was completed in 1998 shortly after the Geneva meeting. There has been one programme publication through IRMM (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Geel Belgiumm) as an EU technical publication and there has been one other publication in the open literature.
> View Project 240/10/96

IMEP Round-8 Carbon Isotope Ratios in CO2
This programme is scheduled to run through the year 2000 and is currently undergoing technical evaluation at IRMM.
> View Project 240/12/98

IMEP Round-9 Trace Elements in Natural Water
Fifteen elements were certified or assigned in the natural water using multiple certification institutes in for some elements. This participants programme, one of the largest to date, was completed in 1998 and a participants technical report was prepared late by IRMM in 1999. Two other publications for the open literature have been prepared and are currently in press. The participants reaction has been to encourage another similar IMEP round for drinking water.
>View Project 240/11/97

IMEP Round-10 Trace Elements in Polyethylene
Eight elements were certified or assigned by the certifying laboratories. The participants programme was completed in 1998 and a participants report was prepared by IRMM after the Geneva meeting, late in 1998. Additional publications for the open literature have been prepared and are submitted for publication.
>View Project 240/8/95 and 240/13/98

IMEP Round-11 Trace Elements in Car Exhaust Catalysts
Two elements were certified and two elements were assigned by the certifying laboratories. The participants programme was completed in 1999 and a participants report was issued in 1999 by IRMM. Additional publications are in preparation.
>View Project 240/7/95


Summary - Of the 5 IMEPs in progress or proposed in 1997, four have been completed and the fifth, the carbon isotope ratios in CO2 is undergoing technical feasibility evaluation at IRMM now. The IMEPs generally take longer than two years anyway, but the last two years have enabled all but one of the authorised IMEPs to be completed.

Review of Future IMEP Rounds

At least seven other IMEPS are planned for the future, two of which are under evaluation now. A trace elements in polyethylene (IMEP 13) and a trace elements in sediment (IMEP 14) could be completed in 2000. Other possible IMEPS in the 2000-2001 period could be another trace elements in water, a Boron isotopes in water, a lead in wine, and another human serum IMEP round. Still other IMEP rounds are seen for the future but their possibilities will depend on the future of the Commission, something not known in Berlin. The IMEPs lend themselves to a project basis but the two year project might not be possible for Commission II.4.

Summary - The Commission decided to propose two new IMEPs now (13 and 14; IUPAC Project 240/13/98 and 240/14/98) and to meet again in Japan in 2000 to review and adapt other IMEPs to complete by 2001.

Action items

    1. The Chairman and Secretary to prepare new project files on IMEPs 13 and 14 for the IUPAC and close out the completed project files for IMEPs 7, 9, 10 and 11.
    2. The Chairman and Secretary to organise a meeting in Japan in the fall of 2000 for the purpose of proposing or adopting new IMEPs for the 2000-2001 time frame.

Submitted by Dr. John R. Moody, Secretary


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