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Emerging Regulatory Environment
The August '07 World Chemistry Leadership Meeting (WCLM) focused on the promising, yet challenging, global effort to meet the commitment that by 2020 chemicals are used and produced in ways that minimize significant adverse effects on human health and the environment. Colin Humphris and Mark Cesa summarize the proceedings of the WCLM.

Protecting Cultural Heritage
Over the past 40 years, scientific research activities in support of the conservation and restoration of objects and monuments belonging to the world’s cultural heritage, have grown in number and quality. Jan Wouters offer his reflections on the position of science in multidisciplinary approaches.

“Chemistry is Beautiful”
—echoes from Torino Aug '07: Report on the Opening Plenary Lecture by Roald Hoffmann.


Toward Global Leadership in Knowledge Sharing
In his first column as IUPAC President Jung-Il Jin suggests a goal of celebrating IUPAC's centennial with 100 member countries.

PAC new online
Pure and Applied Chemistry, the Official Journal of IUPAC, is all new online, with better navigation, improved indexes, and searchable archives.

IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
Call for Nominations
- deadline 1 Feb 2008

Chemistry International
Current issue: Jan-Feb 2008

Most recent issue e-mailed 16 January 2008.


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