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WCLM 2007

World Chemistry Leadership Meeting
10 August 2007, Torino, Italy


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memo to: National Adhering Organizations, Associate National Adhering Organizations, Associated Organizations, Company Associates, Chemical Societies, Industry Federations, Regional Federations
cc: IUPAC Bureau, Council Delegates
date: 9 April 2007

The World Chemistry Leadership Meeting has become an important part of the IUPAC General Assembly. You are cordially invited to name a representative to participate in this meeting. The 2007 World Chemistry Leadership Meeting will be held on Friday afternoon, 10 August 2007, as part of the IUPAC General Assembly and 41st World Chemistry Congress in Torino, Italy.

This year's WCLM will focus on the topic of the emerging chemical regulatory environment and its effect on the basic chemical sciences, chemical industry and society. The rapidly developing regulatory environment in Europe is strongly influencing chemical use and production throughout the world.

The organization of the 2007 WCLM will include talks by four speakers on the following topics:

  • Regulatory trends such as REACH and SAICM
  • Industry issues and responses
  • Emerging issues - views from industry and academia

The talks will be followed by an open, moderated panel discussion in which all attendees will be encouraged to participate. To date, Prof. John H. Duffus of The Edinburgh (Scotland) Centre for Toxicology has agreed to speak on the topic, "Regulatory Toxicology - A Need For Better Science," Dr. Jeff Lewis, chief medical officer of Rohm and Haas, will speak on the impact of regulatory issues on the chemical industry, Dr. Rainer Koch, industry lead negotiator for SAICM, will discuss "Regulatory trends - SAICM and REACH in Comparison", whereas Dr. Richard Phillips from Exxon Mobil, Europe, will address emerging issues in an industrial perspective.

Further information can be found on the IUPAC web site at <www.iupac.org/news/archives/2006/wclm07.html> as well as in the May-June issue of Chemistry International Vol. 29, No. 3, p. 34.


Please send the IUPAC secretariat <[email protected]> the name of your delegate and ask them to complete the Participation Questionnaire which can be found at <www.iupac.org/symposia/conferences/ga07>.

> agenda (posted 9 July 07)
> first announcement (posted 8 Nov 06)

- REACH <http://ec.europa.eu/environment/chemicals/
- SAICM <www.chem.unep.ch/saicm>


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