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WCLM 2005

World Chemistry Leadership Meeting
19 August 2005, Beijing, China


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At each IUPAC General Assembly meeting, it has been the practice to hold a World Chemistry Leadership Meeting (WCLM). The purpose of this meeting is to bring together national and regional leaders from chemical societies, chemical industry federations, and other organizations that are attending the General Assembly and Congress, to discuss current issues in chemistry that may have a potential international impact. These discussions are intended to provide a stimulus for future IUPAC involvement in issues where this organization is in a unique position to provide support to the chemical community. The discussions are intended to be largely informal; however, to provide some focus for the discussions, each meeting has a general theme.

For this year's WCLM, appropriately, the theme will be Chemistry in Asia. The rapid growth of chemical research, development and industry in Asia during the past decade is bringing both opportunities and challenges to this region. However, it is also having an impact throughout the rest of world on employment, education and the manner in which work is carried out. These developments have obvious implications for the future work of IUPAC and the WCLM discussion is intended to identify what challenges it should be addressing.

To stimulate the discussion, Professor Goverdhan Mehta of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India has accepted our invitation to give a presentation on the topic of Chemistry in Asia discussing the developments and challenges of the past decade.

Professor Mehta is Professor of Organic Chemistry and Director, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. In addition, he is the President elect of the International Council for Science (ICSU). ICSU was formed in 1931 with the mission of strengthening international science for the benefit of society. Apart from his research and administrative duties, he has delivered over 200 invited lectures/seminars at various national and international meetings, Universities and Research Institutions in India and overseas. He has received numerous honors for his contributions to chemistry, the most recent being named a Fellow of the Royal Society (2005). He is also an Honorary Professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore. Prior to joining IISc, Professor Mehta was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad (1994-1998).

After Professor Mehta’s presentation, 90 minutes have been set aside for short presentations (no more than 10 minutes each) by participants in the meeting. These presentations are intended to be on the same broad topic, but can reflect national and regional perspectives on issues related to the theme of the meeting. For example, educational issues in chemistry ranging from developing interest in careers in science among young people to the education of advanced degree candidates for a worldwide workforce in chemistry are being impacted by the development of chemistry in Asia. Similarly, sustainable development, public perception of chemistry and employment issues are all areas influenced by what is going on in Asia.

The floor will then be open for discussion of the issues raised during both Professor Mehta’s presentation and the subsequent short presentations. IUPAC President Leiv Sydnes will chair and summarize the meeting that will be followed by a reception during which informal discussions can continue.

We urge you and the leadership of your organization to participate in this meeting. Particularly, if you have some issues to share with the participants on this general theme please respond to Dr. John Jost, Executive Director, with the name of the person who will speak on behalf of your organization at this meeting in order to assure that time will be set aside for those comments to be heard. John will arrange the agenda of speakers following Professor Mehta’s presentation.

For reference, here is a selection of articles on chemical developments in Asia from recent issues of Chemical and Engineering News that highlight chemistry developments in Asia; reports by J.-F. Tremblay, C&EN Hong Kong:

- HIGH-LEVEL ACS DELEGATION IN CHINA - Society plans to waste no time in launching joint programs with emerging scientific powerhouse, CEN May 16, 2005, pp. 47-48 >link to full text
- INDIA IS AT CORE OF GE'S RESEARCH - New R&D center in Bangalore is integral to corporate goal of growth by innovation, CEN June 3, 2002, pp. 18-19
- GETTING TO KNOW INDIAN PHARMA - Conference and trade fair reveal opportunities and limitations for India's pharmaceutical sector, CEN March 14, 2005, pp. 27-28
- INDIAN FIRM PLAYS TO ITS STRENGTHS - Nicholas Piramal strives to make custom manufacturing its core, not an add-on to generics CEN April 4, 2005, pp. 21-24


The WCLM will take place 19 August 2005, Beijing International Convention Center, No. 8 Beichendong Road Chaoyan District, at 2 PM.
Pre-registration is required > email: [email protected]

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