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WCLM 2003

15 August 2003 - Ottawa, Canada

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1. Review of 13 Points from Brisbane WCLM
Chair: P. S. Steyn

Point 10 - area of fruitful cooperation
1.1. Syngenta: Cooperation in natural products research in China, Gabon, and Malaysia - E. Schmidt
1.2. Cooperation in Green Chemistry - M. Misono [abstract and presentation - pdf file- 698KB]

Point 5 - donations
1.3. Book Collection - T.T. Tidwell

Point 2 - access to online resources
1.4. Free low cost access to journals - P.W. Atkins

Point 13 - mutual recognition of degree programs
1.5. European Chemist/ Bologna Process - L.K. Sydnes

Points 11 & 12 - public image of chemistry & education and the enjoyable aspects of science
1.6. Chemistry Student Numbers in Europe: A Swiss Perspective - R. Neier [presentation - pdf file- 184KB]

Point 9 - holding scientific events in developing countries
1.7. EURASIA Meeting - H. Ohtaki [abstract - pdf file- 2.0MB]


2. Public Image of Chemistry
Chair: P W. Atkins

2.1. Report on Public Understanding Seminar at Congress
-- P. Mahaffy [ > link to program]
2.2. Chemical Producers Association of Canada: Responsible Care
-- R. Dickinson and R. Paton [presentation - pdf file- 17KB]
2.3. The Year of Chemistry 2003
-- W. Koch [presentation - pdf file- 1.2MB]
2.4. Database on the achievements of chemistry
-- E. P. Przybylowicz [abstract - pdf file- 12KB]

3. Interaction with national chemical societies
Chair: L. K. Sydnes

3.1. What do you as a chemical society expect from IUPAC
- O. M. Nefedov
- C. Bai [presentation - pdf file- 329KB]
3.2. Cooperation among chemical societies
- E. Reichmanis
- I. Tkatchenko [presentation - pdf file- 121KB]


> Download original Agenda and other Contributions (pdf 832KB)

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