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Macromolecular Symposia: 2002

Here is the list of the issues which include IUPAC-sponsored symposia published in Macromolecular Symposia.

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Table of Contents
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Vol 190, November 2002 > Preface
Scattering Methods for the Investigation of Polymers
20th Discussion Conference of the Prague Meetings on Macromolecules
Prague, Czech Republic, July 9-12, 2001
Symposium Editor, Prof. Jaroslav Kahovec

Vol 189, November 2002 > Preface
Polymer Science Insights
6th Brazilian Polymer Conference

Gramado, Brazil, November 11-15, 2001
Symposium Editor, Prof. Marco-Aurelio De Paoli

Vol 188, November 2002 > Preface
41st Microsymposium of the Prague
Meetings on Macromolecules

Prague, Czech Republic, July 16-19, 2001
Symposium Editor, Jaroslav Kohovec

Vol 186, August 2002 > Preface
IUPAC 9th International Symposium on Macromolecular — Metal Complexes (MMC-9 Brooklyn)
Brooklyn, New York, 19-23 August 2001.
Symposium Editors: K. Levon and A. Guiseppi-Elie

Vol 183, July 2002 > Preface
IUPAC International Symposium on Ionic Poylmerization (IP'0l)
Crete, Greece, 22-26 October 2001.
Symposium Editors: Nikos Hadjichristidisand Hermis Iatrou

Vol 182, June 2002 > Preface
Free-Radical Polymerization: Kinetics and Mechanism
Il Ciocco (Lucca), Tuscany, Italy, 3-9 June 2001.
Symposium Editors: M. Buback and A.L. German

Vol. 178, Jan. 2002 > Preface
Polymer Characterization and Materials Science
Stellenbosch, South Africa, 7-11 April 2001.
Symposium Editors: R.D. Sanderson and H. Pasch

Vol. 179, Jan. 2002 > Preface
Non-Conventional Polymer Dispersions
Smolenice, Slovakia, June 25-28, 2001
Symposium Editor: I. Capek

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