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A global chemistry community
Report of the World Chemistry Leadership Meeting, 9 July 2001, Brisbane, Australia

On July 9th 2001, the presidents of national chemical societies, regional chemical federations, and leaders of chemical industry met to discuss subjects of importance to the global chemistry community.

The morning session of this World Chemistry Leadership Meeting (WCLM) was devoted to the topic of Sharing Responsibility for our Science - Chemistry across National Boundaries. The following questions were addressed: What are the major needs of the developing and economically disadvantaged countries? How do the chemical societies and trade associations in the developed countries plan to work with related organizations to strengthen chemistry in those countries and to assist in their development?

The problem of the Public Image of Science was discussed during the afternoon session. Even though chemistry can not be dissociated from environmental, health, and safety concerns, the public's mind has a poor perception of science in general and of chemistry in particular. The need to share information and experience between leading societies and federations, as well as to collaborate with the chemical industry, was commented on by a number of delegates. The issues associated with certification, usage of standards, and broader cooperation across national boundaries fostered even more discussion.

An executive summary and the report of the WCLM are now available. Numerous appendices include the discussion papers submitted by the participants prior to the meeting.
> Download full text report (pdf file - 286KB)


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