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41st IUPAC Council Meeting

Nominee for Vice President

Prof. Leiv K. Sydnes (Norway)

Prof. Leiv K. Sydnes

Photo by Lars Ole Ørjasaeter

Education: Cand. mag., University of Oslo, December 1971; Cand. real., Organic Chemistry, University of Oslo, October 1974; Dr. philos., Organic Chemistry, University of Oslo, November 1978.

Employment: Research Associate, University of Oslo, 1974-1978; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1978-1980; Associate Professor, University of Tromsø, 1980-1986; Visiting Professor, Iowa State University, USA, 1985-1986; Professor, University of Tromsø, 1987-1993; Adjunct Professor, University of Tromsø, 1993-1998; Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra, 1998; Adjunct Scientist, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, 1998 to present; Professor, University of Bergen, 1993 to present.

Research and Scientific Publications: The M.Sc. and Dr. philos. degrees were earned under the supervision of Prof. Lars Skattebøl, University of Oslo, on the basis of theses describing research in the field of gemdihalocyclopropanes.

In Canada, Prof. Sydnes worked with organic photochemistry in the research group of Prof. Paul de Mayo, Photochemistry Unit, University of Western Ontario. The academic year 1985-86 was devoted to organometallic chemistry, which was employed to synthesize prostaglandin derivatives in the group of Prof. Richard Larock, Iowa State University. Prof. Sydnes’s research is mainly concentrated on organic synthesis with emphasis on cyclopropane chemistry and photochemistry. Many of the problems currently investigated are related to the preparation of biologically active molecules. So far, the research has resulted in 100 contributions in publications with a referee system. The research has also been presented in numerous lectures/poster presentations at conferences in Norway and abroad.

Nonscientific Publishing: Since 1976, Prof. Sydnes has also been involved in various kinds of nonscientific publishing related to chemistry. He has written more than 60 articles in national periodicals, including book reviews of foreign scientific books, papers about chemistry topics for nonspecialists, discussion papers about teaching, etc. He has written 5 books covering laboratory work in introductory and intermediate organic chemistry at the university level. He has published 19 high school textbooks in chemistry and 2 textbooks for chemical colleges. He has contributed one or more chapters to 18 technical or more general scientific reports.

Other Professional Activities: In addition to having been and being involved in a large number of committees and boards at the University of Tromsø and now at the University of Bergen, Prof. Sydnes has been engaged in professional activities as follows: Chairman, Division of Teaching, Norwegian Chemical Society, 1976-78; Chairman, Northern Norway Section, Norwegian Chemical Society, 1981-83; Board Member, Norwegian Chemical Society, 1983-89; Vice President, Norwegian Chemical Society, 1989-92; President, Norwegian Chemical Society, 1992-96; Bureau Member, IUPAC, 1994 to present; Member of IUPAC Strategy Development and Implementation Committee (SDIC), 1997-98; Associate Member of IUPAC Organic Chemistry Division Committee, 1998-99; Member of IUPAC Subcommittee on Organic Synthesis, 1998 to present; Member of Project Committee of IUPAC Bureau, 1999-2001; Member, European Communities Chemistry Council (ECCC), 1994 to present; Vice Chairman, ECCC, 1997-2001; Member, European Communities Registration Board (ECRB), 1996 to present and Chairman, 2001; Executive Committee Member, Federation of European Chemical Societies (FECS), 1998-2001; Member, European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) D2 Management Committee (Selective Synthesis), 1992-97; Member COST D12 Management Committee (Organic Transformations: Selective Processes and Asymmetric Catalysis), 1998-2002, Vice Chairman, 2000, Chairman, 2001; Member, International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (INTAS) Assessment Panel, Brussels, 1994; Member, Editorial Board, Acta Chemica Scandinavica, 1989-94; Member, Editorial Board, Norwegian Journal of Chemistry (Kjemi), 1976 and 1989 to present; Organizer of the National Organic Chemistry Meeting in 1988, 1992, and 1996; Organizer of the Nordic Natural Product Meeting in Tromsø in 1982; Chairman, Organizing Committee of the National Laboratory and Chemical Fair in 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2001; Organizer of the COST D12 Conference on Organic Transformations in Fefor, Norway, 12-15 October 2000; Member and Chairman of the Board, Unilab Analyse AS, 1988-92; Member/Vice Chairman of the Board, Tromsø Research Park AS, 1990-1999; Member of the Board, Marine DNA, Tromsø, 1991-1992.

Awards: Kyoto Institute of Technology Lectureship, 1990; Thaulow Prize, 1995; elected Member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, 1999.


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