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Task Group on Standardization of
Physico-Chemical Property Electronic Data Files
( IUPAC-CODATA Project )

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Dr. H. V. Kehiaian

Physico-Chemical Property Data Experts
Prof. Marc J. Assael
Prof. Ulrich K. Deiters
Dr. Vladimir Dohnal
Prof. Vladimir A. Durov
Dr. Kai Fischer
Dr. Michael Frenkel
Dr. Daniel G. Friend
Prof. Jean-Pierre E. Grolier
Prof. Jacques Jose
Dr. Gary W. Mallard
Dr. K. I. Popov
Prof. H. Kipton J. Powell
Prof. Dominique Richon
Prof. Staffan Sjoberg
Prof. Svein Stolen
Prof. Wenchuan Wang
Dr. Ivan Wichterle
Prof. Emmerich Wilhelm

Database, Information Systems, and Software Developers
Dr. Andreas Barth
Eng. Jean-Claude Fontaine
Dr. Vladimir S. Iorish
Dr. Peter J. Linstrom
Dr. Leslie D. Pettit
Dr. Zdenek Wagner
Dr. Ulrich Westhaus

Consulting Members
Dr. Heinrich Behrens
Dr. Ivan Cibulka
Prof. Kenneth R. Hall
Dr. Richard F. Kayser
Dr. Richard Sass
Dr. Vladimir S. Yungman

Executive CODATA Committee Liaison Members
Prof. Mitsuo Tasumi

Dr. John Rumble, Jr.

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