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Chemistry International
Vol. 23, No. 2
March 2001


Conference Announcements

Workshop on Local and Regional Contribution to Air Pollution and Local Radiative Balance in Asian Developing Countries, 29-31 October 2001, Guangzhou, China

With rapid urbanization and industrialization, many cities in Asia and in developing countries elsewhere suffer from serious air pollution. The problem is considered basically a local urban air pollution problem, but it is also a regional and global matter. This workshop is designed to bring researchers and policy makers together with invited experts to analyze the problem jointly and to determine the extent and influence of regional air pollution on the local problem. A "local" pollutant, fine particles, is getting a lot of attention, not only because aerosols have effects on human health but also because they are an important factor in the local radiative balance. At the end of the workshop, a framework of abatement strategy will be drafted and suggested for decision-makers.

Proposed sessions at the workshop will include discussions of photochemical oxidants (formation, field monitoring, and laboratory simulation and modeling); aerosols (fine particle PM2.5, health implications, regional air pollution, and global changes); and policy (optimized framework of abatement strategy for local and regional air pollution). Organizers of the workshop will include IUPAC’s Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry (VI.2), Peking University’s Center of Environmental Sciences, the Guangzhou Research Institute of Environmental Protection, and the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN).

For additional information, contact Mr. Yougqiang Cao, Center of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China; E-mail:; Tel.: +86 10 62756592; Fax: +86 10 62751927.

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