Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 6, November 1999

1999, Vol. 21
No. 6 (November)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 6
November 1999

IUPAC: 2000 and Beyond

The IUPAC Council took an historic step in Berlin when it confirmed the holistic, integrated program adopted by the Bureau a year ago to improve the quality, relevance, international impact, and effectiveness of the Union's scientific work. The decision by the Council to convert IUPAC from an organization dependent largely on a rather static Commission structure to a more dynamic project-driven system will permit us to address the challenges of serving chemistry in the modern world.

The Bureau and Council made it very clear that in modifying its structure and ways of operating, IUPAC is not in any way interrupting or discontinuing the activities in nomenclature, critical data evaluation, and other areas on which the international reputation of the Union has been established. Also, the discontinuance of all the current Commissions after 2001 does not mean the termination of work for many scientific volunteers around the world on whom IUPAC depends. In fact, the new project-driven system, together with the IUPAC Fellows program, will make it easier for active workers to continue service to the Union without arbitrary time limits. Concurrently, the new system opens up participation to the entire worldwide community of chemists. I anticipate that the competition of ideas for new projects and the influx of new workers to join more experienced IUPAC veterans will improve the vitality and relevance of our work in coming years.

The last two years have been very productive for IUPAC, as I described in my State of the Union message, published in Chemistry International in September [To view this material, leave CI and enter IUPAC News Section]. I am particularly pleased that the Strategic Plan adopted last year has set out a broad road map for IUPAC and that the structural changes now provide the means for effectively carrying out our work. The challenge now for all of us is to channel our efforts into the most useful, productive, and appropriate activities for IUPAC to benefit the chemical sciences.

Professor Joshua Jortner
President of IUPAC

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