Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No.2, March 1999

1999, Vol. 21
No. 2 (March)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 2

March 1999

New Books and Publications

New Publications from the World Health Organization

Pesticide Residues in Food 1997, Part I: Toxicological and Environmental Evaluations

Prepared by the joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues 1998, ix + 359 pages (English) ISBN 92 4 166513 0, CHF 80.-/USD 72.00; In developing countries: CHF 56. Order no. 1280013.

This book presents detailed evaluations of the available toxicological and other safety data for thirteen pesticides and one metabolite that have the potential to leave residues in food commodities. Data on risks posed to the environment by an additional two pesticides are also included.

The evaluation is part of an ongoing series of activities coordinated by FAO and WHO since 1963 and used to advise governments and the Codex Alimentarius Commission of possible hazards to consumers arising from the presence of pesticide residues in food. To this end, panels of experts, jointly appointed by the two agencies, scrutinize data submitted by pesticide manufacturers and regulatory authorities. Conclusions, which are based on a rigorous assessment of all relevant toxicological studies, form the basis for the acceptable daily intakes for humans established by the Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues.

Toxicological evaluations cover the following pesticides: abamectin, amitrole, chlormequat, fenamiphos, fenbuconazole, fenthion, fipronil, guazatine, lindane, malathion, methidathion, phosalone, triforine, and a metabolite of glyphosate, aminomethylphosphoric acid (AMPA). Also included are evaluations of the environmental effects of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) and mevinphos.

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