Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No.2, March 1999

1999, Vol. 21
No. 2 (March)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 2

March 1999

New Books and Publications

Other Books and Publications

Pesticide Leaching in Polders: Field and Model Studies on Cracked Clays and Loamy Sand

Klaas R Groen. Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat. Directoraat-Generaal Rijkswaterstaat. Directie Ijsselmeergebied. Lelystad 1997. ISBN 90-369-1209-1.

This book deals with the topic of the role of models in the evaluation of the environmental fate of pesticides as well as the management and assessment of the risk related to their use, taking into account a very specific condition: pesticide leaching in polder areas. The study is divided in two parts: 1) data collection, and 2) development and application of a model for simulation of pesticide transport. The field study was carried out in three experimental areas, situated in the IJsselmeerpolders, differing in soil characteristics (loamy sands and cracked clay soils). The research program took into account four pesticides, 1,3-dichloropropene, metamitron, aldicarb, and simazine.

The scenario analysis showed that pesticide and soil characteristics, time of application, lateral boundary conditions, and weather conditions are all factors affecting the amount concentrating in the drain pipes and, thereby, the fraction available for leaching. Moreover, it gave fundamental information on the measures to be taken in order to reduce leaching, as follows: 1) allowing pesticide application only during a certain period; 2) increasing drain depth; and 3) decreasing preferential flow by increasing the ploughing depth.

Even though it concerns a very specific subject, this study offers a lot of general information to the reader. It is recommended not only to field experts but also to all those dealing with environmental problems related to pesticide use.

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