Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No.2, March 1999

1999, Vol. 21
No. 2 (March)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 2

March 1999

Conference Announcements

13th Bratislava International Conference on Polymers: Separation and Characterization of Macromolecules

4-9 July 1999
Bratislava, Slovakia

This Conference, sponsored by the Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Slovak Chemical Society, and the Slovak Society of Industrial Chemistry, will include lectures and poster sessions on liquid chromatography of synthetic and biological macromolecules, development of size-exclusion chromatography including coupled procedures, liquid chromatography of oligomers, and unconventional and emerging techniques of separation and characterization of macromolecules.

For further information, please contact Dr. Dusan Berek, Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dubravska cesta 9, SK-842 36, Bratislava, Slovakia, E-mail: or; Tel: +421-7-378 2306 or 378 2254; Fax: +421-7-375 923 or 377 414; Web site: or


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