Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No.2, March 1999

1999, Vol. 21
No. 2 (March)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 2

March 1999

Prizes and Awards

Maison de la Chimie Foundation Prize

This prestigious award, created in 1986, is intended to honor an original work in chemistry of benefit to mankind, society, or nature. The year 2000 prize, to be awarded to one or several recipients, irrespective of nationality, has a value of 150,000 FF.

All entries must be presented through a learned society or through a national or international scientific organization, such as IUPAC. Entry forms, a report on the work of candidates, and copies of the most significant publications related to this work must be registered by the Secretariat of the Maison de la Chimie Foundation before 15 May 1999. Entries will be judged by an international jury composed of a chairman and 10 prominent members recognized for their work in chemistry. The jury for the year 2000 prize includes three former laureates (Peter B. Dervan, Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA, 1996; Claude Helene, Membre de l'Institut, Professeur au Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Directeur Scientifique du Groupe Rhone-Poulenc, 1996; and Professor Herbert W. Roesky, Institüt für Anorganische Chemie der Universitat Gottingen, 1998), and six scientists whose nationality is other than French. The jury will choose the prize winner by majority vote, and the laureate will be invited to present a lecture on his or her work at the award ceremony on 18 January 2000 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. Unsuccessful entries may be renewed for subsequent awards of the prize.

For entry forms or additional information, contact the Secretariat, Prix de la Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie, 28, rue Saint-Dominique, 75341 Paris Cedex 07, France, Tel: 01 40 62 27 00; Fax: 01 40 62 95 21.


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