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Vol. 21, No.1, January 1999

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No. 1 (January)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 1
January 1999

Conference Announcements

14th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC)

2-6 August 1999,
Prague, Czech Republic

General Information
The ISPC is a biennial international conference, the last conference having been held in Beijing in 1997. The ISPC encompasses the whole area of plasma chemistry. Topics will range from the basic physics and chemistry of thermal and low-pressure plasmas to industrial processes, processing techniques, and equipment. The conference should enable the exchange of information and ideas between plasma chemistry basic/applied researchers and industrial practitioners of plasma-processing technology. The ISPC will consist of a five-day Symposium incorporating a Plasma Equipment Exhibition, preceded by a threeday Summer School on plasma chemistry and followed by a oneday Workshop on Industrial Applications of Plasma Processing.

The 14th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry will be held in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, 2-6 August 1999. The Symposium will consist of plenary lectures covering the entire field, a series of parallel oral sessions (with invited and contributed papers), and poster sessions. The whole field of plasma chemistry and plasma processing, both in thermal and low-pressure plasmas, will be covered. The subjects will range from the fundamental studies of these plasmas to applications and engineering of plasma technologies.

The list of topics is preliminary; the final list will be given in the second announcement.

  • Basic physical and chemical processes in plasmas
  • Modelling and diagnostics of plasmas
  • Plasma generation
  • Plasma-particle interaction
  • Plasma-surface interaction
  • Plasma etching
  • Plasma CVD
  • Plasma synthesis
  • Plasma spraying
  • Plasma metallurgy
  • Environmental application
  • Industrial applications

Summer School
The International Summer School on Plasma Chemistry to be held prior to the Symposium, 29-31 July 1999, will consist of courses providing an introduction to the fundamentals of plasma chemistry and the applications of plasma processing. Two courses will be offered simultaneously, one on low-pressure nonequilibrium plasmas and the other on thermal plasmas. These courses are intended for students, scientists, engineers, and managers who want an introduction to, or overview of, the subject or better appreciation of the topics presented at the Symposium. There will be a separate registration fee for the Summer School.

The workshop on Industrial Applications of Plasma Processing will be held following the Symposium, 6-7 August 1999.

The workshop will focus on recent industrial applications, developments, and concerns in thermal and low-pressure plasma processing. The workshop will enable the exchange of ideas between researchers, manufacturers, and end users. There will be a separate registration fee for the workshop

A professional exhibition of equipment for plasma processing, diagnostics, instrumentation, etc. will be held during the Symposium. Firms interested in showing their products should contact the Local Organising Committee.

The Symposium Exhibition and Workshop will be held in the Congress Centre of the Prague Hilton Hotel situated just at the boundary of the old town. Accommodations will be available in the Hilton Hotel, at several hotels in the vicinity, and in student hostels.



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