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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)


Number: 2005-049-1-700

Title: Prototype analysis of glossary terms to establish biological context by text data mining

Task Group
Michael Liebman

Members: C. Robin Ganellin, Thomas Perun, and Paul Erhardt

To extend the usefulness and applicability of the glossaries, it would be worthwhile to explore methods for identifying the various contexts in which the terms appear in the scientific literature.

A prototype project using a text data mining tool, LexiMine, from LexiQuest, an SPSS company, will evaluate the ability to automatically, objectively and exhaustively analyze downloaded journal articles in terms of their syntactical construction. This analysis will generate a concept map of all concepts within the analyzed articles and this will be compared with the list of terms from the glossaries to establish their presence within the literature, their interactions and relationships, both among themselves and with other concepts, and show the link to the original citation in the text. In this manner it will be possible to identify and evaluate the glossary terms for their contextual extensions of their definitions. This can be used to either develop a parallel and complementary glossary that may be published directly or as a web-enabled product, or to augment the existing glossaries and compendium. The activity proposed for this prototype study will involve the selection from one of the three problems listed below, access to and use of any related glossaries and analysis, as described above, in two ACS journals, namely, Biochemistry and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, for the years 1998-2003, inclusive.


Last Update: 14 March 2006

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