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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)


Number: 2005-047-1-700

Title: Glossary of terms used in ecotoxicology

Task Group
Monica Nordberg

Members: Ole Andersen, John H Duffus, Roland Suchenwirth, and Douglas M. Templeton

To facilitate the application of chemistry in ecotoxicology, there is a need for a glossary addressing the terms in ecotoxicology essential for communication between the disciplines. This project will create such a glossary, reflecting IUPAC's concern about the impact of chemicals on health and the environment. It will also complement the previous projects which resulted in glossaries in toxicology and toxicokinetics published in Pure and Applied Chemistry which have received wide acceptance and use.

This glossary will give definitions of terms used in ecotoxicology. It will include terms related to chemical speciation in the environment, sampling, monitoring and environmental analysis, adverse ecological effects of chemicals, ecological biomarkers, and environmental distribution of chemicals.

July 2008 - A draft titled 'Glossary of terms used in ecotoxicology' is submitted to public review comments until 30 December 2008 > see provisional recommendations

Last Update: 30 July 2008

<project announcement to be published in Chem. Int.>


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