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Number: 2005-031-2-700

Title: Plants as sources for nutraceuticals in Latinamerica

Task Group
Antonio Monge Vega

Members: E. Barreiro, Armando Cáceres, Néstor O. Caffini, Esteban A. Ferro, R. Ganellin, Mahabir Gupta, Olga Lock, Rolando Pellón, and Roberto Pinzón

Establish the importance of Nutraceuticals in health care in developing societies, with food shortage. Economic opportunity of the Nutraceuticals vs. molecules of natural origin in Latin America. Possibilities of research, development and innovation in Nutraceuticals in Latin America. Possibilities of industrialization and patents of Nutraceuticals in Latin America.

Nutraceuticals: a) Functional foods that have potentially disease - preventing and health promoting properties (American Nutraceuticals Association; b) Healthy foods or food ingredients that provide health benefits beyond the traditional nutrients it contains (American Dietetic Association).

Collect data in Latin American countries. Identification plants, especially those which are natives of the continent, which are used in Latin American societies as Nutraceuticals.Estimate clinical security, related to the consumption of Nutraceuticals used in Latin America as well as for exportation. Consider the possibility of patents and industrialization of Nutraceuticals that are native of the Latin American countries.

A feature article titled 'Functional Foods: Reflections on an Expanding Market' has been published Chem. Int. Sep-Oct 2008, pp 9-13.

Last Update: 26 September 2008



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