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Number: 2002-045-1-500 (previously 581/20/89)

Title: Solubility data related to industrial processes. Solids and liquids in supercritical carbon dioxide

Series: Solubility Data Series; editor-in-chief: Mark Salomon

Task Group
D.E. Knox

Supercritical carbon dioxide is an increasingly important industrial fluid which does not cause pollution. Data for solubilities in this solvent will have wide applications.

Carbon dioxide itself is an important industrial solvent. This volume will contain comprehensive compilations and evaluations of the existing data on the solubility of solids and liquids in supercritical CO2.

Processing using supercritical fluids is an increasingly important area worldwide. Such processes, with their significant variation in solubility with pressure, permit the accomplishment of many processes that would be otherwise very difficult to achieve. Further, systems that employ carbon dioxide as the solvent are particularly attractive as CO2 is environmentally friendly. There are many "green chemistry" processes employing supercritical CO2 that are of worldwide importance. One example is found in the pharmaceutical industry, where the solutes are often thermally labile substances that would be degraded by more conventional separation processes. There are also well-established processes in other industries, for instance, the decaffeination of coffee by extraction with supercritical CO2. There are currently no generally recognized, critically evaluated data in this area. Furthermore, many data have been published in this area in the last decade or so. This volume is thus addressing a significant need.

> Nov 2004 report update (pdf file - 11KB)
> May 2006 report update (pdf file - 11KB)
To be published as part of the IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data Series. in J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data.

> July 2007 report update (pdf file - 6KB)

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