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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)


Number: 2002-001-1-700

Title: Compendium of terms associated with drug discovery and development

Task Group
C.R. Ganellin

Members: E. Breuer, P.W. Erhardt, M.S. Chorghade, J.H. Duffus, and A. Kallner

Publish as a book, a compilation of the glossaries pertinent to chemistry and drug development which have been published in Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) during the past decade i.e. since 1992. This would be a handy reference work for chemists and associated technical people in drug development.

The book will inlcude the following nine glossaries previously published in PAC since 1992.

To these may be added glossaries which are currently under preparation:

It is proposed that each glossary will constitute a separate chapter according to subject matter. In each chapter, the terms will be listed alphabetically and references listed at the end (of each chapter). Where the same term occurs in two (or more) different glossaries, the versions will either be compared and modified to a common definition or cross referenced.


Last Update: 5 April 2005

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