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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)


Number: 2001-067-1-700

Title: Properties and units for function examinations

Task Group
Antonin Jabor

Members: Pedro Soares de Araujo, René Dybkaer, Urban Forsum, Wolf R. Külpmann, and Gunnar Nordin

To work out properties and units for function examinations based on the former C-NPU commission's concepts and syntactic rules. The C-NPU commission, maintained as a joint IFCC-IUPAC activity for two decades, has as its main task to promote and maintain scientifically and conceptually sound ways of expressing the outcome of measurements and other examinations in laboratory medicine. The NPU coding scheme and vocabulary, based on the SI system, concepts theory and high-level international standards, is the main outcome and should be the cornerstone for expressing measurements within international communication standards.

> See former Series on Properties and Units in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences

There is no general consensus with regard to the nomenclature of function examinations (some of these are also called tolerance tests). Terms of function examinations traditionally contain, e.g., the name of a challenge compound, the name of an examined function, or the name of a component involved. This heterogeneity complicates the classification necessary for date exchange within the health care domain. The purpose of a function examination is to evaluate the response of a tissue, organ or person to the challenge. The outcome is then interpreted and used in care of the patient. Therefore, it is practical to define and sort function examinations with respect to the function. This will increase the practicability of the C-NPU nomenclature, which will be more pathophysiology-oriented, more educational, and more usable in connection with health care information systems. The project conforms to the IUPAC strategic goals 2 and 4 i.e. to promote standardized nomenclature, symbols, terminology and methodology in the chemical sciences as well as to facilitate the development of effective channels of communication in international chemistry community.


Last Update: 30 January 2002

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