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Number: 2001-049-2-700

Title: Glossary of terms used in process chemistry/manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and pharmaceutics

Task Group
Mukund S. Chorghade and Eli Breuer

Members: Anand Apte, Janos Fischer, Giovanni Gaviraghi, Gershon Golomb, Mukund K. Gurjar, Susan Dana Jones, Carlos B. Rosas, and John Surtees

To compile a list of terms with their definitions used in "Process Chemistry/Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients" and "Pharmaceutics"; to disseminate the list to the scientific community and to solicit uniform adoption of terms in leading scientific journals and in scientific parlance of professionals in this field.

About 850 terms directly related to each of the fields of "Process Chemistry/Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients" and "Pharmaceutics"; will be compiled and defined by this expert group for dissemination to the scientific community. This will help achieve a common definition base across the various publications in this field. In addition, a more uniform use of these terms should assist in the future construction of glossaries pertaining to this continually evolving field's information.

March 2004 - A draft with 190 terms is nearly completed and has been circulated for review. The glossary will be incroporated in the Compendium of terms associated with drug discovery and development (project 2002-001-1-700)

December 2007 - A draft is submitted to public review comments until 30 April 2008 > see provisional recommendations

Last Update: 5 December 2007



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