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Organic Chemistry Division (III)


Number: 302/4/97

Title: Horizons in Biomolecular Chemistry

Coordinator(s): V. T. Ivanov and T. Norin

Remarks: Joint with Division I, II and VII

Completion Date: 2000 - project terminated

IUPAC has established (General Assembly 1997, Geneva) an "Ad Hoc Strategic Committee on BioMolecular Chemistry" which has been assigned the task of coordinating and developing the activities at the bio-frontiers of molecular chemistry. The Committee will, as an initial action, compile a list of the current bio-related projects within the participating Divisions. It will further embark on the task of formulating and subsequently executing, novel interdisciplinary projects in the domain of molecular interpretation of bio-processes and bio-phenomena. The Organic Chemistry Division shall, starting January 1998, nominate two titular members for work on this project.

The "Bio-oriented projects in Divisions I, II, III and VII have been inventoried and, where applicable, coordination of work on projects between the relevant Divisions has been initiated.
The first activity of the Interdivisional committee on Biomolecular Chemistry, in the context of the project, consisted in the organization of the microsymposium on "Novel Porphyrinoids and their Metal Complexes" at the GDCh/IUPAC Congress in Berlin, 1999. The theme of Biomolecular Chemistry will be coordinated in the future by Division III, under its newly adopted mandate. Interdivisional Projects, especially together with Division VII, are in preparation for the biennium 2000-2002 and will be presented under the new IUPAC project system.

Last update: 11 November 1999

Project terminated 31 dec 2001


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