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Organic Chemistry Division (III)


Number: 302/3/96

Title: Biotransformations for Chemical Production and Organic Detoxification

Coordinator(s): A.I. Scott

Remarks: Divisions of IUPAC, IUBMB
Coordinators 1996-1999: U.K. Pandit and T. Norin

Completion Date: 2000 - project terminatd

Modern chemical technology is demanding specific, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly processes. Analogously, healthcare related to toxic organic materials is looking for answers based on new chemical knowledge. Bioorganic chemistry, as a fundamental discipline, can play an important role in responding to these challenges. A solution may be visualized via the application of an integrated chemical/biochemical approach to the areas of chemical production and detoxification. In view of the international dimension of the subject involved, it is IUPAC which is the most suitable organization for undertaking action in these matters. It is also the organization which can muster up the necessary expertise to deliver judicious advice based on objective chemical considerations. The Subcommittee will address itself in particular to the international aspects of the utilization of biotransformations in chemical technology and detoxification. It proposes to do so by the organization of an International Symposium (in Print) on the topic.

The IUPAC Bioorganic Symposium-in-Print was published in two successive issues of Bioorganic Chemistry Vol. 27, No. 1 and 2, 1999. Articles were solicited from members of the IUPAC Bioorganic group and from several younger members of the bioorganic community worldwide.

Last update: 11 November 1999

Project terminated 31 dec 2001


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