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Committee on Teaching Chemistry

Number: 025/47/96

Title: Education in Chemistry and Human Health

Coordinator(s): J. Duffus

Remarks: Interaction with the Chemistry and Human Health Division, pharmaceutical industry associations, NIH, and other health and environment agencies.

Completion Date: 2001 - project completed

The creation in 1996 of the new IUPAC Division of Chemistry and Human Health indicates the international significance of this field. The topic of human health is notoriously subject to prejudice and ignorance. The media have proven unreliable allies in the campaign to dispel ignorance and the dissemination of correct knowledge through the formal education system at all levels is therefore urgent. The priorities and appropriate approaches vary from region to region. CTC members from the different regions will therefore play an important role in shaping CTC initiatives in their region.

A cooperation with Commission VII.C.2 has led to the project of compiling an abbreviated version of the already published textbook entitled "Toxicology for Chemists' > see project 720/11/97


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