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Organic Chemistry Division (III)


Number: 320/19/95

Title: Glossary of Terms Used in Supramolecular Chemistry

Coordinator(s): T. Fyles - project terminated

Remarks: Medicinal Chemistry Section, Subcommittees on Organic Synthesis and Bioorganic Chemistry

Completion Date: 1999

Supramolecular chemistry is a relatively new field that is growing rapidly. It involves the development of the chemistry of a variety of host-guest complexes, and the study of membranes and molecular assemblies. A rapid perusal of books and papers indicates, however, that aspects such as molecular assembly, molecular topology, complex formation, extraction, and transport need clarification with regard to the terms that are used. Names of the various types of host species, such as crown ethers, cryptands, calixarenes, etc., and their complexes, and related terms, such as host, guest, ionophore, cleft and cavity, might also be better defined. This field has not so far been formally structured. This is why IUPAC Commission III.2 believes that the project shall be welcomed by the chemical community. Supramolecular chemistry impacts heavily on other sciences e.g. biochemical and material sciences. Any IUPAC activity related to materials and bio-sciences will be strongly related to this project.

This project is underway. A large number of terms and their definitions and applicability have been accumulated. The definitions must be confirmed, and any omitted terms included.

Last update: 17 November 1999

Project terminated 31 dec 2001


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