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Division of Chemistry and the Environment (VI)


Number: 620/12/89

Title: Series of articles in Chemistry International on the local environmental problems in different countries

Coordinator(s): O. Hertel, Y. Zhang, and L. Klasinc

Several articles have been published in Chemistry International on air pollution problems:
  • China - Y. Zhang, et al. ; see project 1999-034-1-600
  • Croatia - N. Kezele, L. Klasinc, Air quality in Croatia, Chem. Int. 20(5), 149 - 150, 1998.
  • Denmark - O. Hertel, Air quality in Denmark, Chem. Int. 22(5), 133 - 135, 2000.
  • Germany - K. H. Eickel, P. Warneck, Environmental problems in the Federal Republic of Germany, Chem. Int. 16(5), 174 - 177, 1994.
  • Greece - M. Dassenakis, Environmental problems of Greece from a chemical point of view, Chem. Int. 22(1), 1 - 7, 2000.
  • India - O. N. Singh, P. Khastgir, Atmosphere pollution control in India, Chem. Int. 16(3), 89-91, 1994.
  • Japan - H. Akimoto, The NO2 problem in Japan, Chem. Int. 16(2), 53-54, 1994.
  • Korea - Y. Y. Lee, Air pollution problems in Korea, Chem. Int. 18(4), 161-163, 1996.
  • Netherlands - S. Slanina, Forest dieback and and ammonia - a typical Dutch problem, Chem. Int. 16(1), 2-3, 1994.
  • Turkey - U.OEzer, R. Aydin, H. Akcay, Air pollution profile of Turkey, Chem. Int. 19(6), 190-191, 1997.

    > See Chem. Int. bookshelf

Articles in preparation:

This very successful project will be continued with articles available on the Commission Web page - temporary <http://terra.irb.hr>.

Last Update: 21 December 2004


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