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News & Notices

Minutes of 135th Meeting of Executive Committee
Torino, Italy, 12 August 2007

<download the 135th EC meeting minutes - pdf file 13KB>

Remarks -
A recommendation of the ad hoc Committee of Streamlining IUPAC Operation is that the EC will meet at the conclusion of the Bureau meetings to review and implement pending actions. This was the first of such meeting.

The next full meeting of the Executive Committee will be on 10-11 November 2007 at Helsinki, and including all current (2006-07) and new appointed (2008-09) members.

Present: Prof. B. R. Henry (Chairman), Prof. D. StC. Black, Dr. C. F. Buxtorf, Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, Prof. J-I. Jin, Prof. N. Moreau, Prof. O. M. Nefedov, Dr. E. Reichmanis, Prof. L. K. Sydnes

Absent: Prof. C. Bai

Guest: Dr. F. Meyers

Secretary: Dr. J. W. Jost, Executive Director


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