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IUPAC Strategic Plan -- 2000-2001

Implementation and Updating of the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is intended to articulate the scientific and operational policy of IUPAC, providing overall policy guidance to the IUPAC Divisions and Standing Committees for assistance in the development of coordinated programs to advance the Union's mission. This Plan should not impede or replace initiatives at all levels within the Union. The Council, Bureau, and Executive Committee will ensure that operational programs are drafted and resources allocated within the context of the Strategic Plan, that responsibilities are assigned for implementation of programs, and that outcomes are evaluated. Each biennium, the strategic thrusts will be analyzed and updated as needed. The long-range goals may also be revised when appropriate, but probably on a longer timeframe.

> IUPAC Strategic Plan -- 2000-2001 - index page

> Mission Statement
> Long-Range Goals
> Goals and Strategic Thrusts -- 2000-2001
> Implementation and Updating of the Strategic Plan

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